Flowers, sandblasting, Burma, Bahrain and Colombia – Day 2 Global Solidarity Summer School 2012

Day 2 started on a much more somber note than out introduction. I had heard about Bahrain in the context of the Arab sprin last year but have been ignorant of its events since then. Tara o Grady from Bravo (Bahrain rehabilitation anti violence organisation ) gave a heartfelt appeal to our conscience.  Bahrain is … Continue reading Flowers, sandblasting, Burma, Bahrain and Colombia – Day 2 Global Solidarity Summer School 2012

Ireland’s Oddest Pop Stars Pt1

Michael Landers I was delighted to see a mention of Michael Landers on the excellent BrandNewRetro site. They have some really great scans of early Irish pop music magazines like Heat and Spotlight. It is always well worth a visit. In 1971 a new face appeared in the Irish pop charts. He took to … Continue reading Ireland’s Oddest Pop Stars Pt1

Global Solidarity Summer School – day 1

"Knowledge is power and I'm looking forward to bathing in know,edge and spreading it after the weekend" is how ICTU President Eugene McGlone ended his welcome address today at the 4th annual Global solidarity summer school in Wexford. Eugene's words came after Minister of State Joe Costello opened the summer school with words about his … Continue reading Global Solidarity Summer School – day 1

Bands that changed a life – New model army

  New model army It's almost impossible when thinking or reminiscing about the modellers not to look back on their top of the pops appearance.  Lead singer slade the leveller appeared dressed fashionably in his "only stupid b#####ds use heroin" t-shirt. Confrontational anarcho punks conflict then amended this slogan to proclaim that "only stupid b#####ds … Continue reading Bands that changed a life – New model army

Not only boxing at the Stadium

When Rock n Roll came to Ireland! The National Stadium was there! This is a great one. Front page of the Irish Press, November 19th 1956. It is one of the first, probably the first, rock n roll gig in Southern Ireland. I like the description of the crowd response: “The performances were punctuated by … Continue reading Not only boxing at the Stadium

The Olympic Bounce

Lots of the acts featured on the wondrous Olympic opening ceremony have enjoyed huge sales increases this week. Maybe that is the solution to the decline in music sales…hold the Olympics every week! 65 songs from the top 200 were featured in either the Olympics opening or closing ceremonies. It certainly proves that Mega Events … Continue reading The Olympic Bounce

Topping the charts is getting easier

Rihanna: Dismal sales take her to the top of the charts. Quite a few stories this week about how few copies Rihanna shifted of her new album. Yes it got to number 1. The problem is that it sold the fewest copies any number 1 has sold in a single week since accurate records were … Continue reading Topping the charts is getting easier

Gimme Something Better Please

Gimme Something Better - "The Profound, Progressive, and ocassionally pointless History of Bay Area Punk from Dead Kennedys to Green Day" by Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor (Penguin Books) I love these types of books.  Historical, geographical and telling a punk rock stroy.  Every City has a story and more and more cities have these … Continue reading Gimme Something Better Please

Pride Parade 2012

"He's just a stereotype" is what the Specials sang many years ago. I remember the night the Specials first played in Dublin. I remember getting the bus home from town and some rude boys were travelling out to the Stardust to the gig. I was envious but it was a case of too much too … Continue reading Pride Parade 2012


Euro 2012 - dreaming about you. Now that was a nice distraction. All discussions around bail-outs and currency and interest rates and EU/IMF were concentrated on events on the football pitch in Poland and Ukraine over the past month. From the kick-off in Poland to the trophy being lifted in Ukraine all European matters revolved … Continue reading EURO 2012 DARE TO DREAM