Hope Show 34 – the lowdown

Hope Show 34 - for absent friends 1. Rocket Juice and the moon - Hey Shooter 2. Grant Hart - The Argument 3. Mike Watt - Against The 70's 4. Goldblade - Riot Riot 5, Panthro U.K. United 13 - Sound of a gun 6. The Evens - Wonder Why 7. Matana Roberts - Secret … Continue reading Hope Show 34 – the lowdown

Hunx and His Punx – Street Punk

Hunx And His Punx Street Punk Hardly Art Seth Bogart started Hunx and His Punx in 2008 and this is their third albm. Hunx is Seth's alter ego and the Punx are two women playing obnoxious US hardcore with an almost riot grrl feel. The first time I had coffee I spat it out and … Continue reading Hunx and His Punx – Street Punk

Phil Chevron Testimonial, Olympia Theatre, August 24, 2013

Phil Chevron Testimonial, Olympia Theatre, August 24, 2013 Chevron reminding us of the celebration that life is never what we expected. And always worth embracing. What Irish artist of our generation chronicled more accurately that twilight world between despair and hope? Who gave voices to the margins? Who sliced through the haze obscuring chances and … Continue reading Phil Chevron Testimonial, Olympia Theatre, August 24, 2013

Hooligan – No Blacks no Dogs, No Irish

Hooligan No Blacks No Dogs No Irish It's amazing how life cycles around. Todays empires, tomorrows ashes is how propogandhi summed it up. When people emigrated from this country to UK and elsewhere many weren't greeted with open arms. Signs popped up all over the UK, "No Blacks No Dogs No Irish" was the message … Continue reading Hooligan – No Blacks no Dogs, No Irish

No Age – AN Interview

No Age have just released their fourth lp - An Object on Sub Pop. One of the most interesting things to come out of listening to the record is the amount of questioning it contains, not solely lyrically but all aspects of it. The way we are sold records these days is questioned by the … Continue reading No Age – AN Interview

Hope Show 33 – the lowdown

the lowdonw on tonights show 1. Ted Leo - Bottled IN Cork 2. football, etc - red zone 3. The Draft - Impossible 4. Shorebirds - Upside Down 5. Wrecks - NOT 6. The Pukes - Will I learn 7. Glimmermen - There Was a Boy 8. Hooligan - No Black, No Irish, No Dogs … Continue reading Hope Show 33 – the lowdown

Roughneck Riot – This is our day lp

roughneck riot This Is Our Day Bomber Music So we have an assembled group of musicians complete with tattoos guitars, bass, drums, ukelele, accordion. Armed with a manifesto of making the world a better place, ready to scream it out, ready to take you with them. "Is there anybody out there that can see what … Continue reading Roughneck Riot – This is our day lp

Dublin Tenement Experience

Dublin tenement Experience Powerful. Harrowing. Sad. Enthralling. Vital. This sums up the 45 minutes spent in the company of anu productions as they tried to reflect what life was like for people living in Tenement Houses in Dubln in 1913. These houses were home to up to 100 people, with as many as 20 in … Continue reading Dublin Tenement Experience

The Pukes – Will I learn

The Pukes Will I Learn 7" Damaged Goods New single from 20 piece Ukelele playing (mainly), female (mainly) Punk Covers band(mainly). In a word riotous. 3 covers and an original here give a great introduction to the madcap ukelele antics of the Pukes. Formed in true punk style as a gang of friends getting together … Continue reading The Pukes – Will I learn

No Age – ‘An Object’

No Age An Object Sub Pop I saw No Age play in Dublin with Mika Miko wheny Skinny Wolves put them on in the Boom Boom room 6 years ago. The Boom Boom room was opposite the rotunda hospital, north dublin's maternity hospital. I'm sure some babies were born that night to the strained noise … Continue reading No Age – ‘An Object’