Hope Show 52 – The lowdown

A year of shows in more than a year. it's not supposed to be straightforward is it? Hope SHow 52 1. Crystal Grenade - Shape Of Things 2. King Champion SOunds - Orbit Macht Frei 3. Chumbawamba - THe Land of Do What You're told 4. The SHorts - Bring Me the Skinned and Mutilated … Continue reading Hope Show 52 – The lowdown

Hope Zine

Hope *1 is a collection of people from the punk rock movement giving their thoughts on what Punk rock means to them. Buy fanzine for 2 Euro + 1 Euro P+P Contributors include John Robb, Steven Malley, Anto Loserdom, Doug Aikman, Sean Forbes, Peter Jones, Carol Hodge, Karren Ablaze, Jon Langford and many more. 28 … Continue reading Hope Zine

Hope Show 50 – the lowdown

hopeshowNumber50 One half of a CENTURY 1. Palma Violets - Best of Friends 2. The Answer Lies - A Political Song for my Emoticon To Sing 3. the objectorz - It's 10 o clock 4. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man - Red Top Bullshit 5. Menshevik - Draw The Line 6. HDQ - Down But … Continue reading Hope Show 50 – the lowdown

Pawmarks on my poems – Pat Ingoldsby

Pawmarks on my poems Pat Ingoldsby Willow Publications 3 Vernon Court Clontarf Dublin 3 Hanging In Sometimes the effects of polio bury me in a pit of exhaustion every ounce of me is crushed and so I sleep and sleep And somehow, wondrously, inside the heavy laden lump, a little peom begins to stir and … Continue reading Pawmarks on my poems – Pat Ingoldsby