Hope Show 57 – the lowdown

“The world Feels Lost and Broken Down Tonight” 1. Billy Bragg – Power in A Union 2. Avail – Tuning 3. Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy 4. Rvivr – The Seam 5. Hard Skin – Another Terrace Anthem 6. Christy Moore – Companeros 7. Benjamin Zephaniah – Things We Say 8. Carla Bozulich – … Continue reading Hope Show 57 – the lowdown

Personnel – ep review

Personnel ep dot dash records available here Shitty limits brought out an album of carefree punk rock a few years ago. Live they were great as they brought this two minute slabs to the stage. Sadly they were short lived but one of them has reappeared on personnel. The attitude hasn't changed. Brash. The sound … Continue reading Personnel – ep review

Positive Creed Fanzine

Plenty of good interviews in this zine. Interesting observations from people who have been around the punk scene firyears, Dunstan Bruce, Attila the stockbroker and nicky Tesco from the members. It's not stuck in a time warp though as crash Dillz and Healthy junkies who are new to me also get a chance to spread … Continue reading Positive Creed Fanzine

Hope Show 56 – the lowdown

Hope Show 56 "If I could tell you one thing now that you're beautiful and there's no need for changing like that old cassette" 1. Propagandhi - Dear Coach's Corner 2. Holiday - Missiles on The Roof 3. Personnel - Close Quarters 4. Chris Dodge / Dave Witte - Whiffletree 5. Moutpiece - Back in … Continue reading Hope Show 56 – the lowdown