Bad Self – The Three Daughters of Maria

Bad self Three Maria New Dublin band bad self have self released this very well produced and tight record. They have a rocky sound complete with riffs and dirty drum beat. More of a hint to Queen Of The Stone Age or even Seaweed than the Jesus lizard as their bio suggests. These are well … Continue reading Bad Self – The Three Daughters of Maria

Sport – Bon Voyage

Sport Bon voyage It's been a strange wee while. First I heard about the hospitalisation of one of my peers and then of the death of another one. Neither of whom I know personally very well but their music has been in my life over the past 20-30 years. It's a long time and a … Continue reading Sport – Bon Voyage

Declan Snowden

Declan Snowden Getting My Hope Up EP Declan is almost the antithesis of epic problem . Singer songwriter with meandering songs. Full on compositions with melody, backing vocals, guitar, keyboard and structure. Sure they are well crafted but where's the anger? the energy? the chance to grab you and scream!! However if you're not looking … Continue reading Declan Snowden

Dead Kennedys – fresh fruit for Rotting Vegetables – the early years

Dead Kennedys Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables By Alex Ogg PM Press SKU: 9781604864892 This is not a book about the Dead Kennedys career. It is more a tale of how they got together, recorded and released one of the iconic punk rock albums. The story of such a now fractured band requires a lot … Continue reading Dead Kennedys – fresh fruit for Rotting Vegetables – the early years

Epic Problem – Lines EP

Epic Problem Lines EP So how do you like your music? It's a pretty hard question to answer isn't it? Me, I like it all ways. Depends on the mood I suppose. I can take redneck manifesto or god is an astronaut and their post rock instrumental offerings. I can take flies on you and … Continue reading Epic Problem – Lines EP

TV Smith – Acoustic Sessions Volume 1

TV SMith Acoustic Session Vol 1 TV Smith And so we have a new TV Smith record, well it slipped through the cracks last year and is new for me. Self released in true DIY Punk rock fashion. When history books are written about UK punk we hear many tales of that first wave of … Continue reading TV Smith – Acoustic Sessions Volume 1

Louise Distras – Dreams from The Factory Floor

Louise Distras Dreams From The Factory Floor “I don’t view myself as a protest singer, I view myself as a young woman passing on a message for the next generation.” or so Louise proclaims but this is a record full of what seems like protest songs. But then on further inspection they really are … Continue reading Louise Distras – Dreams from The Factory Floor

4130s – One for the Road

4130s One for the road 13 Stitches Records So what do you know about Ipswich? They have a football team and a group putting on punk shows. If you know anything else about it them you're ahead of me One of the bands involved in promoting gigs is the 4130s and this is their debut … Continue reading 4130s – One for the Road

The Pukes – Too drunk to pluck

The pukes Too drunk to pluck hoo ha records By now you've probably heard about the movable feast that is the pukes. Movable in that they can range from 12 to 30 members on any one night depending on who has brought the ukeleles. They mainly do covers of classic punk songs and live they … Continue reading The Pukes – Too drunk to pluck

Caves – Betterment

Caves Betterment Bombed Out Records Caves are one of a number of great uk hardcore bands doing the rounds these days. Ironically In the disposable era of music it is hard for any scene to flourish. In times gone by we would be writing to each other and using word of mouth to clump bands … Continue reading Caves – Betterment