Pissed Jeans – Shallow

Track by track review for Pissed Jeans remastered Shallow LP, out October 7 on Sub Pop I'm sick - Garage and in your face describing the virus in his body - maybe Garage No Age playing in the club style of Butthole Surfers Boring Girls - Jesus and Mary Chain but with more direct vocals … Continue reading Pissed Jeans – Shallow

Hope Show 75 – the lowdown

Hope Show 75 the lowdown 1. The Vaselines - High Tide Low Tide 2. Death In THe Sickroom - Brick To The Face 3. We Were Evergreen - Daughters 4. Omelette - Happiness 5. Pissed Jeans - Boring Girls 6. Sissy - Nothing 7. Mika Miko - End Of Time 8. No Age Escarpment 9. … Continue reading Hope Show 75 – the lowdown

Kimberley Steaks – Live And Die in West Scotland

Kimberley Steaks Live and die in West Scotland Make That A Take Records The latest collection from Dundee punkers Kimberley Steaks. Very much early East Bay Sound. It couild be Green Day, maybe Crimpshrine, maybe Fuel or Jawbreaker but most definitely their Scotish cousins. 12 songs dealing with loss and despair and a sense of … Continue reading Kimberley Steaks – Live And Die in West Scotland

Get Human – Garden Leave

Get Human Garden Leave Out now Leeds 5 piece with a great diy attitude. Self released ep with sing along punk tunes. Not too disimilar to LaChance but their fi isn't as low. It's mid paced punk rock with some sing along backing parts "There is no hope in hell for me" is an interesting … Continue reading Get Human – Garden Leave

La Chance – Old Haunts EP

LA Chance Old Haunts Scars Of Youth "Can we break out of this endless streams of bills and stress I know I've got this in me I feel it bursting out of my chest" Scream LA Chance, well not exactly scream but in that lo-fi sing along punk sound. They may be from Scotland, but … Continue reading La Chance – Old Haunts EP

The Vaselines – V for Vaselines

The Vaselines V for Vaselines Rosary Music https://soundcloud.com/vaselines/01-high-tide-low-tide/s-vuuRl A track by track guide to the new Vaselines Sing along pop album High Tide Low Tide - Very Scotish pop feel, BMX Bandits esque, ba pa pa pa pa ba pa pa pa pa like a pop Ramones The Lonely LP - Almost Heavenly esque Inky … Continue reading The Vaselines – V for Vaselines

Sewage – lp

Sewage s/t lp Sewage were active in the 90's in New York around the Lower east side tompkins square park area. My image of tompkins square is a joe strummer mural on the corner as you enter. It is an area for activists and cultural terrorism, not to be confused with actual war like terrorism. … Continue reading Sewage – lp

Having A Laugh & Having A Say – trevhagl aoutobiography

Having a Laugh & Having A Say not another Bloody Punk Rock Autobiography Trev Hagl self published Savage Amusement Publication So this is the ultimate in DIY. Self written (no ghosts writing this), self published and self distributed. Of course this is not a record from a band, or a fanzine of which trev has … Continue reading Having A Laugh & Having A Say – trevhagl aoutobiography

Down And Outs – Lifeline LP

Down and Outs Lifeline Boss Tuneage Not to be confused with similar named Down'n'outz who have members of Def Leppard and Quireboys in their ranks, Liverpools Down and outs are pretty much the anthisesis of your quintessential rock band. 10 years on the go, this is their fourth album, released last November but still worth … Continue reading Down And Outs – Lifeline LP

Hope Show 74 – the lowdown

Hope Show 74 The Lowdown It's new record time, for the most part tonight. Inca Babies have new album on the way, Blacktop Speedway is from that. Hands Up WHo Wants to Die have a record out now and bring that bass fuelled sound onto it. I played two songs from their brothers in arms, … Continue reading Hope Show 74 – the lowdown