King Tuff – Black Moon Spell

Black Moon Spell Sub Pop Records 2014 I pretended to be a tourist in my city last night and went on a ghostbus tour. On it we were told stories of Dracula, Dr Clossey, decadent Dublin and gravediggers. It was a fascinating two hours as I stepped from the reality of football training and logistics … Continue reading King Tuff – Black Moon Spell

Sissy – Sissy ep

Sissy Sissy EP self released Great to hear bands like this coming together in Dublin. it's lo-fi and full of attitude. This is not the type of band we are used to seeing form on tis fair isle. Sail and Rail - a tale of travel, the way we used to do it in the … Continue reading Sissy – Sissy ep

Protomartyr – Under Color of Official Right

Protomartyr Under Colour of Official Right Hardly Art This is the second album from Protomartyr. 14 songs that emanate a post punk riff based sound. There's touches of the Fall, Wire and maybe even Television but with a garagey background. Amongst it all is the baritone voice of Joe Casey. it doesn't quite have the … Continue reading Protomartyr – Under Color of Official Right

Hope Show *78 the lowdown

I can tell you these weeks keep on flying in and inbetween each show it seems like there's a new funeral for me to go to. Ironic too that this show coincides wioth the 10 year anniversary of John Peels death. For so many people over 40 and interested in music John Peel gave us … Continue reading Hope Show *78 the lowdown

Mr Business Man It’s Not Our World

The first band I ever played in was called Vicarious Living.  named after a line in a flux of Pink Indians song our reason behind it was that it "pertained to a different way of living".  That was 1983 and I played in 4 or 5 bands over the next 6 years.  The last of … Continue reading Mr Business Man It’s Not Our World

Eaten Alive Fanzine *30

Eaten alive fanzine #30 celebrates derricks 50th birthday as he goes through the myriad of punk gigs he has attended. It's a shame that women seem to bear the brunt of his jokes at times as otherwise this would be a fine read. They do however so it is not. Sporadic interviews with anti social, … Continue reading Eaten Alive Fanzine *30

Riot Tapes – Cardinal Rules out soon

Riot Tapes Cardinal Rules Reekus records I love the name Riot Tapes, if I could judge this band by their name this review would be a completely different collection of words. I had a vision of a band out to upset the music business, maybe low fi but certainly edgy with an attitude as shard … Continue reading Riot Tapes – Cardinal Rules out soon

New video from Gangs

GANGS has released the video for their newest single, the title track from their debut EP, Back To School . The EP is available now from Reekus Records, The video was directed by Gansee Films and the track was produced by Brian Foley of The Blades. Watch it here: niallhope

Hope Show 77 – the lowdown

Hope Show 77 the lowdown As usual a mix of old, new noise and pop tonight 1. winnebago deal - Maximum Overdrive 2. The offenders - Impact 3. Excel - Split Image 4. Dope Body - Repo Man 5. Perma War - Czlowiek 6. TV Smith - I Delete 7. Martha - Lost Without You … Continue reading Hope Show 77 – the lowdown

Bald Cactus zine *31

Bald Cactus *31 2 issues ahead of Lights go out in numerical terms and on the go sine 1988. I remember writing to Andy as he started the zine back then. I always waited with baited breath to read about Hunt Saboteurs trips or to read about some uk hardcore band and what they had … Continue reading Bald Cactus zine *31