USA Nails – Sonic Moist

USA Nails Sonic Moist Smalltown America 10 slabs of discordant and manic noise. Cries of Drive Like Jehu or Circus Lupus, where you have screams, noise, tunes and manic playing. This is so good. They played Dublin late lat year and selfishy I can't believe I wasn't there. I hope you made it. It's full … Continue reading USA Nails – Sonic Moist

Cigarette Crossfire s/t

Cigarette Crossfire Cigarette Crossfire Waterslide Records Finland believe it or not has a great reputation for melodic hardcore. Manifesto Jukebox were my introduction to this countries capacity for playing such tunes and it has continued since with Combat Rock Industry being the home to many Finish outfits. This is their second album and first for … Continue reading Cigarette Crossfire s/t

The Slowest Clock – Smile Futurismo! All I heard was purple

The Slowest Clock Smile Futurismo! All I heard was purple Eye Unseen Records I may be in a small minority of Dublin music fans that has positive things to say about Slowest Clock. When Snuff had to withdraw from a gig they were due to play in Dublin in 1989 with US hardcore band Fugazi, … Continue reading The Slowest Clock – Smile Futurismo! All I heard was purple

Slice Of Life – Love and a Lampost

Slice of Life Love and a Lampost Overground Records Steve Ignorant finally gets to sing, under the studio microscope. I've listened to him in various formats over the years, Crass and Schwarzennegar being the main two. Steve's vocals have always been covered by the racous noise of Crass or the electric sound of Schwarzennegar. It … Continue reading Slice Of Life – Love and a Lampost

ICTU Women’s Seminar 2015

ICTU Women's Committee hold a seminar and conference on alternate ears. As last years conference was in Wexford it was the turn of the NI members to host this years Seminar. It was two days, not of motions but of workshops and keynote addresses, an attempt to empower, inform and entertain delegates. As with previous … Continue reading ICTU Women’s Seminar 2015