Another Year Over

And so with one year passing and the initiation of a new one many blog writers are inspired or feel impelled to compile lists and look forward to the centenary celebrations of 1916 I prefer to look to the future while remembering the past and with that in mind don't feel any necessity to remind … Continue reading Another Year Over

Another Epic Record

Epic Problem '11-'14 Boss Tuneage   I have raved about Epic Problem many times in the past and hope to be able to do in the future. They mark this 2015 with a compilation of releases from the previous 4 years. 17 songs from varioius ep's since 2011 All tracks have that gruff vocal … Continue reading Another Epic Record

Verso Books end of year mayhem

Verso: The Year in Review I received the following mail from Verso, now is your chance to read about the Village Against the World or how we can demand the Future. ***** You can still download the Verso 2015 Mixtape: a FREE ebook compilation of extracts from some of our best books this year! With contributions from Patrick … Continue reading Verso Books end of year mayhem

Trouble Pilgrims – Instant Polaroid

Trouble Pilgrims Instant Polaroid Pilgrim Records Any band that spawns from The Radiators deserves a mention here.  Any band that is supposed to play their classic album, released nearly 40 years and still a classic in many Dublin punks eyes, as part of a set opening for the Boomtown Rats and ditches a song in … Continue reading Trouble Pilgrims – Instant Polaroid

Any flies on us?

Flies on You Fan Base Repellant diy digital only Leeds avant garde punk rock duo have given us all a late Christmas present with the follow up to the excellent etcetera album which was released in march this year (still can just about say that) They take a beat, repeat and doug talks acerbic over … Continue reading Any flies on us?

Label of the week – Make That a take

The tale of Make that a take records is very interesting. If they want to see a band play, they put on their own gigs, if they want a film about it they make their own film. If they want a festival with many of their favourite bands they make their own fest and finally … Continue reading Label of the week – Make That a take

Steven Gerrard – My Story

Steven Gerrard My Story Penguin Ask any parent what they would do for their kids and your stock answer will probably be whatever is needed. The true meaning of love is that you would step in the way of a travelling bullet and that is a starting point for your kids. And so, with that … Continue reading Steven Gerrard – My Story

Joe Solo – Never Be Defeated

Joe Solo Never Be Defeated Resolve Records   It is no secret that punk rock has been the main ingredient for the overall music that have gone through my ears through the past 30 years. It, as a genre, has helped shape my entire life. I haven't eaten meat since Flux sang about it … Continue reading Joe Solo – Never Be Defeated

Attilla The Stockbroker – Arguments Yard

Atilla the stockbroker arguments yard Cherry Red books I've often said that auto biographies are strange beasts. Maybe it's my country of origin and how we are known as a nation of begrudges. I am conscious of that when I see my fellow troubadours doing what can only be perceived as "well. " I … Continue reading Attilla The Stockbroker – Arguments Yard

Hope *2

It's been a little while in the making but Hope *2 is finally out. I asked a number of people one question, What was your favourite gig? I have to say I was pretty overwhelmed with the response and people were very willing to give up their time whenever possible..I received over 70 contributions from peers. … Continue reading Hope *2