Dark thoughts , Brighton Cowley club

Dark thoughts, telekineses, never
Brighton Crowley club

Funnily enough whenever I’m asked about my favourite gigs I tend to mention the ones I was involved in putting on rather than the many amazing spectacles I have travelled to see. First time in Brighton I saw fugazi in the dome and that was a special night. Fugazi felt like they were ready to bring our diy to a whole new level and that our small alternative was briefly seen as a progressive light by many more that the handfuls that had been screaming about it in each city. Against me were similar and that night in the hobgoblin in Brighton we were ready to take on the world and we were going to win. Hard skin and Dillinger four played in a venue I don’t remember but a night I will never forget. Classic songs if not a touch too much alcohol taken by some of the band members.

I’ve been to four gigs now in Brighton. The first three were all memorable so I had the bar was set very high for tonight’s offering. This was always going to be a struggle due to that elevated benchmark but got to start somewhere eh?

I had looked hard amongst posters for other gigs around the city and there was none with tonight’s line up on it. Even my visit to Crowley club during the day greeted me with closed doors and no sign of what was to come. It’s all about the internet these days. I guess people don’t need a flier or poster or gig listing if they have a Facebook event page!!

In all my times visiting here I’ve never entered the Cowley club, i must have travelled at times that it wasn’t open as the volunteers can’t run the venue/ space like many would wish them too. Tonight was some introduction . I know in our punk rock world that age doesn’t matter and attitude is all important but when you’re 49 and double nearly everyone’s age in the venue (in some cases treble) it doesn’t feel like that. And so I entered trying not to give across the impression that I was an undercover con as I took out my phone and lowered my head

First band on didn’t introduce themselves but there was some noise coming from the teenage collective. Huge tight distorted sound with screaming vocals

Second band on continued in the vein of expectation that we all know what they are called and I’m sure the rest of the crowd did. It kind of felt like walking in on a punk family gathering, even more so with no posters being on display anywhere for this gig, everyone know each other in the venue and this could be the resident noise band

I was in two minds about even coming out to this gig as a couple of issues of Razorcake and paul masons book on how we can mould our future was waiting for me. I decided to hold off on the reading in favour of the screamed word and was wondering if I’d made a big mistake.

I had only heard dark thoughts through band camp so their ramones esque tunes took on a completely different life tonight. Like dublins 101s it’s breakneck ramones with buzzing guitars but real tunes below them. By the end of their short set any concerns about coming out were gone and any thoughts on age difference had faded. Tunes for everyone. It wasn’t quite against me in the hobgoblin but a similar atmosphere prevailed and this gig will stay in my memory for a while yet


May fest 2017

Hope Collective are delighted to be involved with Mayfest 2017. Mayfest is a celebration of Workers Clulture and is running nightly in Liberty Hall from May 1 to May 12.

Our event is on Tuesday May 2 with an event compered by Actor Bryan Murray. Joining Bryan will be Fran QUigle (booker of McGonagles in the 70’s), Smiley Bolger (Booked the New Inn and many others), Elvera Butler (Cork Promoter and main person behind Reekus Records). Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions, former Trinity College Ents Officer Edwina Forkin, the authrs of In Concert, Niall McGuirk and Michael Murphy. There will be guest appearances from Colm Walsh, Ken Duffy and Pete Holidai

All will be talking about their experiences in and around the music and punk scene in Dublin and ireland. It should be a fascinating evening as we continue to document what has gone before us.

Banter – Feb 21

On Tuesday February 21, myself, Michael and a number of those who’ve contributed to the book – plus some surprise guests – will join Jim Carroll at Banter to talk about the book, the notion of favourite gigs and read their selections as well. Audience contributions welcome too. Guests speaking include….
Ellie & Louise McNamara (Heathers) on The Mountain Goats, Bloomington 2011
Frances Roe (Jam Jar Jail) on Rocket from the Crypt, Dublin 2001,
Edwina Forkin (Zanzibar Films and ex-TCD Ents Officer) on Sonic Youth/Nirvana and early Therapy?, 1991
Elvera Butler (Reekus Records) on The Stranglers and The Who, 1970s
Suzanne Rhatigan (singer and promoter) on Grace Jones at Electic Picnic, 2015
Peter Jones (Paranoid Visions) on the Poison Girls at Sean McDermott Street, Dublin, 1983
Ferdia Mac Anna (director, novelist, screenwriter & Rock Devalera) on Thin Lizzy, Dublin, 1971
Peter Devlin (musician, producer and broadcaster) on The Specials/The Beat, Stardust, Dublin, 1981
Mick Heaney (journalist and DJ) on The Cramps, Boston, 1986

Tickets only €5.50 available here –

Banter on In Concert will take place at Wigam (Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1) on Tuesday February 21. Doors open at 6pm and the event will kick off at 6.30pm.
Like the book, all proceeds will go to the Irish Red Cross’ Syria Appeal.

In Concert – The Trail of publicity

So, we have been blown over by peoples support for our book.  As you know it can be bought online and we hope to have it in a few shops soon.  It is hard to get it into shops when the times they are open is being spent holding down a day job.  We will get there.

In the meantime here is what some people are saying about the book

Fanning Sessions say it’s a great read

Jim Carroll kicked off a conversation in the Irish Times by asking What’s the best gig ever to take place?

Paul McDermott from Dublin City fm did a complete show dedicated to the book

Denis Goodbody went one better and read pieces from the book with some songs inbetween

The whole event was streamed live
Goldenplec called the list of contributors impressive

Facebook page for book is here

Launch date Jan 24 – Liberty Hall

In the shadow of James Connolly statue outside Dublin’s Liberty Hall and on the banks of the River Liffey we will be launching our book on Tuesday Jane 24. We will feature some songs and readings from contributors to In Concert as well as special guest speaker, John Roche from irish Red Cross.

We look forward to seeing as many of our friends as possible and with great thanks to SIPTU we will have this glorious backdrop to celebrate the book