Thursday Tunes – Protex

This weeks Thursday tunes come courtesy of Gordie Walker from Protex. 40 years after they releaswed their debut 7" on Good Vibrations Protex are down from Belfast on Friday night for a promising gig with the objectorz, Shrug Life and Blackpitts Wildhearted outsider interviewed the band here last year. Madam George (Van Morrison) Alternative … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Protex

This weeks gigs: Sept 24 – 30

Hard Working Class Heroes is taking over a couple of venues his week in an attempt to showcase as many of Dublins unsigned to an army of a+r folk. For any of the a+r generation reading this pop along to Annas Anchor album launch in the Underground or Protex in Drop Dead Twice - a … Continue reading This weeks gigs: Sept 24 – 30

Book of the week: Holding by Graham Norton

Holding Graham Norton Hodder and Stoughton Detail. It’s vital. This book is full of detail. Also, descriptive writing. We are asked to picture a small village in Co Cork. The drawing is painted for us so we need no imagination. As the words travel from the page to my consciousness I can see this village. … Continue reading Book of the week: Holding by Graham Norton

Play of the day – TV Smith

Play of the day - Tv Smith Land of the overdose new album from the punk that keeps on punking. TV Smith first released a record over 40 years ago when playing in the Adverts but he has kept going all through the years and his solo shows at Rebellion are legends in themselves. Not … Continue reading Play of the day – TV Smith

Weekend Interview – Petrol Girls

Weekend Interview - Petrol Girls Petrol Girls are one of a small number of bands I have seen over the past couple of years that have made me think about music and my position as a consumer of songs. They wear their hearts firmly on the sleeves and spit out a message of distrust and … Continue reading Weekend Interview – Petrol Girls

Thursday Tunes – Captain Hotknives

The Captain is becoming a regular to Dublin. His shows are an anarchic comedic adventure where we all gather around and proclaim our disdain for new born children. A regular at many punk rock nights he is playing Drop Dead Twice this week Liam Weldon "blue tar road" The deadlians 'I dint wanna ride … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Captain Hotknives

Book of the Week: The production of money by Ann Pettifor

The production of money How to break the power of the bankers Ann Pettifor Verso books So what has happened since global capitalism was brought to the brink 10 years ago? A policy of cuts and slash and burn ensured which brought untold hardship on to many, especially those who had little beforehand. Whilst banks … Continue reading Book of the Week: The production of money by Ann Pettifor

This Weeks Gigs – Sept 17 – 23

Two stand out gigs this week has to be Rory McLeod in Cobblestone and Healthy Junkies with Captain Hotknives, The Nilz and so much more in Drop Dead twice. This Weeks Gigs - Sept 17 - 23 Why? - Button Factory Sept 17 Daniel O Sullivan - Bello Bar, Sept 17 Lasc fundraiser with … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – Sept 17 – 23

Weekend Interview – Burnt Tapes

I had Burnt tapes down as Play of the Day recently and mentioned that "the songs are heartfelt about people and relationships or friendships that evolve". Songs that touch all our lives. I sent some questions over to Phil and here is a selection of what he has to say Some history? We all … Continue reading Weekend Interview – Burnt Tapes

Thursday Tunes – The Delinquents

Dundee Punk band The Delinquents are over in Dublin this Friday as part of the Excellent Dando Sessions series. In advance of their trip I ask them to give us 5 songs they are listening to this week Green Day - American Idiot. The simple reason. It's apt and without this band we wouldn't be … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – The Delinquents