Upcoming Gigs

So Monday was a wipeout with wind and even though Downtown Boys and Breeders were in the city they had nowhere to play.  Hopefully both bands will get to rearrange dates sooner rather than later.

This week is all about the Clash and Crass on Saturday as Slice Of Life returning to Dublin to play Fibber Magees.  Whilst the choice of venue might seem a bit strange for the set up of the band musically it is perfect for the band members punk rock background.  Steve Ignorant fronts slice of life and lyrically it’s not much different to those Crass days musically it is a million miles.  Carol Hodge, who was over last year doing a solo set, plays piano with guitar and bass rhythm accompaniment showing a new angle to Steve’s sound.

When The Clash played in Trinity College Dublin on 21 October 1977 they were fresh from a cancelled show and mini riot at Belfast’s Ulster Hall the night before. Bringing the white heat of UK Punk Rock to an Irish audience, The Clash played two sets of 35 minutes, inspiring attendees and kick-starting dozens of careers in the process. This weekend is the 40th anniversary of The Clash’s two shows at Trinity College Dublin: Year Zero: Dublin.

On 21 October 2017 a full day symposium featuring talks, Q&As, readings and screenings by original members of The Clash’s touring party, former TCD Student Officers involved in promoting the shows,filmmakers and close associates of the band. The event will be held in the Examinations Hall, TCD – the original venue for the 1977 shows. The day’s celebrations will culminate in DJ Set by Grammy Award winning filmmaker, DJ and Clash associate Don Letts at The Grand Social, Dublin.

Upcoming Gigs Week Starting October 17**********

The Horrors – Tivoli Theatre, October 17
Jesus and Mary Chain – Vicar Street, October 17
Sandy, Alex G – Whelans, October 17
Noveller , Magic Pockets – Bello Bar, October 19
W.A.S.P. – Academy, October 19
Hurray for the Riff Raff – Whelans, October 19
Kolars – Bello bar, October 20
Shrug Life, Album Launch Slow Riot, Junk Drawer, Handsome Eric – Grand Social, October 20
Splean – Academy, October 20
Elaine Mai – Workman’s Club, October 20
Clash Symposium – Trinity College, October 21
Don Letts – Grand Social, October 21
Modesto, You Break You Buy, Land Wars – Whelans October 21
Krayon Set – Bello bar, October 21
ORANGES, A RITUAL SEA – Anseo, October 21
Slice of Life, Dangerous Dave and the Side Effects, the Divils – October 21, Fibbers
Slow Place Like Home – Workmans Club, October 21
Akercocke & Hecate Enthroned – Voodoo Lounge, October 21
Pochwalone, Vena Cava, Blowins, Kiss My Acid – Bohs bar, October 21
Eileen Gogan and the Instructions – Toners, October 22 4pm
Govt Mule – Academy, October 22
Daviis – Grand Social, October 21
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Academy, October 23
Mark Olson – Whelans, October 24
Callum Baird – Workmans Club, October 24
I Heart Elliot Smith night – Whelans, October 25
Roddy Womble – The Workman’s Club, October 25th
Modern Enemy, Immacvulate Deception, Monica and the Explosion – Fibbers, October 26
Sam Sagurado – Bello bar, October 26
A night of unity in aid of pieta house – Academy, October 27
Jah Wobble – Grand Social, October 27
Acid Mothers Temple – DBD Venue, October 27
Brass Phantoms – Whelans Upstairs, October 27
Rebellion Festival Dublin – Voodoo Lounge, October 27
Fixity, The Bonk – Bello bar, October 27
Syd Arthur – Workmans Club, October 28
Skalloween – Grand Social, October 28
Joshua Burnside, Ports – Whelans, October 28
EXPLODING EYES, Sean OB, Too Tame, The Outer Limits – Stage 19, October 28
Cold Leather (Berlin), grit, Surge – Bohs Bar, October 29
TV Smith, Pete Holidai, Monica and the Explosion, J’aime Rachelle – Toners, October 29
Punks in need of Medical Weed with Hooligan, Hero from Mars, Amongst The Wolves – Fibber Magees, October 29
Fangclub – Whelan’s, October 29 (early and late show)
Cradle of Filth – Academy, October 31
OH Joy – Whelans, November 1
The Winter Passing, Last Wishes, Over being under, Girlfriend – The Hut, November 3
Mik Artistic, Knocking Shop – Grand Social, November 3
Colin O’Shea – Bello bar, November 3
Mongoose – Whelans, November 3
Social Repose, one Eyed Doll – Grand Social, November 4
Vircolac, Coscradh, Naddred, Axial Symmetry – One The Rox, November 4
The Adventures of Andy Kershaw – Whelans, November 5
Rise Against – Academy, November 6
Zola Jesus – Whelans, November 6
Anna and Elizabeth, Rue – Bello Baar, November 7
Sam Amidon – Whelans, November 7
Scouting for girls – Academy, November 8
Bedouine – Grand Social, November 8
Sarah Devachi – The Little Museum, November 8
The Amazons – Whelans, November 8
Julien Baker – Whelans, November 9
Future Proof #6 with Jafaris, Sleep Thieves, Lilla Vargen – Bello bar, November 9
Black Pitts, Kiss My Acid, The Vulpynes, Krokodil DC – Fibbers, November 9
Hamburg Ramones, Deaf Kidneys, The Nilz and The Turn – Fibbers, November 10
JANE WEAVER – The Workman’s Club, November 10
The Flamin’s Stars – Thomas House, November 10
The Dictators NYC – DBD Venue, November 11
God IS An Astronaut – Whelans, November 11
Brian Whittington, Oisin McCole – Workmans Club, November 11
Angelo De Augustine – Grand Social, November 11
Badhands – Workmans Club, November 11
Randolf and the Crokers, Annas Anchor – Whelans, November 12
Every Time I Die, Knocked Loose, Higher Power – Whelans, November 14
The Bug vs Earth – DBD Venue, November 16
Nocturnes – Workmans Club, November 16
Bisz, BOK – Grand Social, November 17
Pius – Academy, November 17
Blue Hawaii – Workmans Club, November 18
Glasville – Academy, November 18
Protomartyr – Whelans, November 18
Paddy Hanna – Bello bar, November 18
Penrose – Whelans upstairs, November 18
Morbid Angel – Academy, November 19
Lee Harvey’s – Toners, November 19
Stu Larsen – Whelans, November 19
Tops – Whelans, November 21
Shaker Hymn, Joey Gavin – Grand Social, November 22
Richard Dawson, Katie Kim – Whelans, November 22
Tom Walker – Academy, November 22
Jessy Lanza – DBD Venue, November 23
John Maus – Grand Social, November 24
PumaRosa – Workmans Club, November 25
Blue Carpet Band, Hooligan – Thomas House, November 25
Orchid Collective – Workmans Club, November 25
First Wave, Septic Pussy, The Turn – Fibbers, November 25
Bitch Falcon – Whelans, November 25
Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes – Tivoli, November 28
Alex Cameron – Workmans Club, December 1
Fujiya Miyagi – Button Factory, December 2
The Terrorsaurs – Thomas House, December 2
Peter Hook and the Light – Academy, December 1
The Undertones – Academy, December 2
Rocket from the crypt – Whelans, December 3
Wolves In The Throne Room – Whelans, December 4
Karl Blau – Workmans Club, December 5
Jessica Hoop – Workmans Club, December 6
Mark Lanegan – Academy, December 6
Gnod, Greg Fox – DBD Venue, December 6
PINK GRIP (UK), Sissy, Surge, Fiend – Jigsaw, December 8
Nachthexen (UK) = Jigsaw, December 9
The Charlatans – Academy, December 10
Andy White – Whelans, December 10
The Amity affliction, boston manor, vukovl, casey – Academy, December 11
Moulettes – Whelans, December 12
King Krule – Academy, December 13
The Blades – Academy, December 14
King Kong Company – Academy, December 16
Little green Cars – Grand Social, December 19, 20 and 21
Strummer Night – Grand Social, December 22
Frank and Walters – Academy, December 22
Sharon Shannon – Whelans, December 28
And So I watch you from afar – Academy, December 28
Grave pleasures, naut, death the leveller, alien she – voodoo, December 31