We Shall Overcome 2018 teams up with Mayfest

May 8 2018 Liberty Hall Is music a vehicle for change? So the Hope Collective are back with our involvement in MayFest. We've doubled up this year and our event asks "is music as a vehicle for change" and we have are working with We Shall Overcome. We are bringing Joe Solo over from the … Continue reading We Shall Overcome 2018 teams up with Mayfest

Cheap Whine anyone?

Cheap whine Cheap whine Drunken sailor 74 The mid to late 70s must have been such an exciting time for people growing up with an interest in music. Suddenly they could play in a band, all they needed was access to an instrument or a microphone if they felt brash enough. Cheap whine could have … Continue reading Cheap Whine anyone?

Thursday Tunes – Wonk Unit

Punk never wants to know that punk could be redefined and still stay punk, the genre has held its own from its origin and anything that's not punk, well it just isnt punk, until now... Enter Wonk Unit, a 21st Century punk band that brings the present into the stone set genre we all know … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Wonk Unit

This weeks gigs Jan 8 – Jan 14

This weeks gigs It's still a bit of the post Christmas lull but amongst the quiet there are a couple of gems. Bleeding Heart Piegoens are playing with Pillow Queens in the Workmans Club as part of the First Fortnightfestival. The following night there is the moshuary festival with Belfast slamlords No Approval. Saturday the … Continue reading This weeks gigs Jan 8 – Jan 14

Dublin First Fortnight Festival

First Fortnight returns for 2018 https://youtu.be/IBlWbUhllbc First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action. Its AIMS & OBJECTIVES are to Make the First Fortnight of each year synonymous with mental health awareness, challenging prejudice and ending stigma. They do this by Creating a consistent space in the cultural … Continue reading Dublin First Fortnight Festival

This weeks gigs – December 4 – 10

https://youtu.be/aTnIHDFNzGk This weeks gigs - November 4 - 10 There will be some amount of noise around Wexford Street as Portland Black metal exponents Wolves In The Throne Room who have us a selection of tunes last week bring their sound of a landscape to Dublin. Eclectic American indie rocker Karl Blau will bring the intensity … Continue reading This weeks gigs – December 4 – 10

Derry’s Lost Avenue heading on tour

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8mSHVjA8OM Little Rocket Records announce a new single by Lost Avenue and UK Tour Dates! Lost Avenue are a three piece, Alternative Punk band from Derry, Northern Ireland, a powerhouse of an outfit, with distinctive vocals, throwing out such memorable hooks. The band have recently become part of the Little Rocket Cosmonauts Punk Squad and release … Continue reading Derry’s Lost Avenue heading on tour

Friday Favourites – Wolves In The Throne Room

Friday Favourites - Aaron Weaver This weeks tunes come courtesy of Aaron Weaver, drummer in Portland Black metal band, Wolves In The Throne Room.  The band are playing in Dublin on Monday night.  Theirs is the sound of paradox, ambiguity and confusion, Catharsis is the objective, not a lilly-white and guilt free existence. Death and … Continue reading Friday Favourites – Wolves In The Throne Room

Thursday Tunes. Guest DJ: Paddy McPoland

Thursday’s Tunes Guest DJ: Paddy McPoland You want some folk with your punk, punk? When Paddy McPoland was asked to list his five favourite Irish singles, naturally he delivered a list of 15! We like rulebreakers here at the Hope fanzine, so here is Paddy’s list in full. What is interesting is how it spans … Continue reading Thursday Tunes. Guest DJ: Paddy McPoland

This Weeks Gigs – November 20 – 26

This weeks Gigs Nov 20  - 26 I remember the Redskins "You've never had it so good. The favourite phrase of those who've always had it better". That lyric has stuck with me so I will just say it's a great time to be living in Dublin and interested in punk or alternative music. There's … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – November 20 – 26