Play of the day: Old Wives

Play of The Day Old Wives Old Wives are Edmonton's own punk rock powerhouse and currently playing a few dates in Europe to promote their debut LP Three, out now on Little Rocket Records. It's that perfect summer mix of sing along heartfelt punk tunes. Crank up the volyume, get some friends over and talk … Continue reading Play of the day: Old Wives

Play of the Day: Trouble Pilgrims

Play of The Day - Trouble Pilgrims I have written about Trouble Pilgrims many times on this blog here and herebut it's nice to hear this track now available on bandcamp. It's on the much applauded debut album, Dark Shadows and Rust so dip in and go further niallhope

Play of the day: Jesus Piece

Play of the Day Jesus Piece JESUS PIECE: PHILADEPLHIA METALLIC HARDCORE GROUP TO RELEASE THEIR DEBUT ALBUM ONLY SELF, VIA SOUTHERN LORD IN AUGUST; NEW TRACK "CURSE OF THE SERPENT" AND PRE-ORDERS POSTED Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based metallic hardcore group Jesus Piece have their raging debut album, Only Self, confirmed for release on the 24th of August … Continue reading Play of the day: Jesus Piece

Play of the Day: Nadah El Shazly

Play of the Day Nadah El Shazly Starting out singing Misfits covers in a local punk band, then moving onto producing her own electronic tracks and making a name for herself in Cairo’s underground scene, Nadah El Shazly’s backstory is not that unusual. Her debut album on the other hand, is an entirely unexpected story. … Continue reading Play of the Day: Nadah El Shazly

Play of the Day: Wardruna

Play of the Day - Wardruna I have been listening to Wardruna a bit lately. Theirs is a sound based on feeling. Described as a Norwegian Cult outfit it is a sound of vikings, which gives of a feeling of history when listening. Maybe a New Model Army for Norway, there's layers to the sound, … Continue reading Play of the Day: Wardruna

Garry Borland RIP

It is with shock that we are hearing about the death of the lead singer from Heav Drapes. They played Amsterdam rebellion last weekend and within a couple of days Garry Borland was dead. It weas numbing to read the news. Wild hearted outsider interviewed them here last year after seeing them in Blackpool. We … Continue reading Garry Borland RIP

This Weeks gigs June 5 -11

This Weeks Gigs June 5 - 11 It's a quiet enough week this week but still a couple of things to keep you going. Big names in music like The Beat, Ty Segall, Ginat Sand and the Polecats. A clash of punk for the punks, Expolited in the voodoo lounge and Headsticks in Fibbers. Both … Continue reading This Weeks gigs June 5 -11

This Weeks Gigs – May 7 -13

This Weeks Gigs - May 7 -13 Another busy week with the highlight for me being Liberty Hall on Tuesday as a group of punks old and new talk about music as a vehicle for change. We spent a fair bit of time putting this bill together,all under the we shall overcome banner in conjunction … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – May 7 -13

Mayfest 2018

Mayfest - Liberty Hall How long does it take before something becomes a regular feature on a calendar?  Whilst this is only the second annual MayFest event it is hoped that it will be a reoccuring feature on the Irish culture calendar over the years.  Set up to celebrate workers culture and to show that … Continue reading Mayfest 2018