No Age – AN Interview

No Age have just released their fourth lp - An Object on Sub Pop. One of the most interesting things to come out of listening to the record is the amount of questioning it contains, not solely lyrically but all aspects of it. The way we are sold records these days is questioned by the … Continue reading No Age – AN Interview

Hope Show 33 – the lowdown

the lowdonw on tonights show 1. Ted Leo - Bottled IN Cork 2. football, etc - red zone 3. The Draft - Impossible 4. Shorebirds - Upside Down 5. Wrecks - NOT 6. The Pukes - Will I learn 7. Glimmermen - There Was a Boy 8. Hooligan - No Black, No Irish, No Dogs … Continue reading Hope Show 33 – the lowdown

Dublin Tenement Experience

Dublin tenement Experience Powerful. Harrowing. Sad. Enthralling. Vital. This sums up the 45 minutes spent in the company of anu productions as they tried to reflect what life was like for people living in Tenement Houses in Dubln in 1913. These houses were home to up to 100 people, with as many as 20 in … Continue reading Dublin Tenement Experience

Hope show 32 – the lowdown

Hope Show 32 1 Torche - Walk It Off 2 Torche - Sky Trials 3 No Age - Defactor/ed 4 Goldblade - We're All in it together 5 Rudimentary Peni - The Curse 6 Rudimentary Peni - The Crime OF The Century 7 Hunx and his punx - You think You're Tough 8 Hooligan - … Continue reading Hope show 32 – the lowdown

Rebellion 2013 – day 4

Rebellion 2013 day 4 The problems with doing stuff on your phone means you can lose hours of material. Don't know how but my early descriptions of the day have vanished. I had written about pros and cons of this festival!! All gone now, must be my pocket demon deleting the punk word. I had … Continue reading Rebellion 2013 – day 4

Rebellion 2013 day 3

Rebellion 2013 - day 3 The day started with Goldblade acoustic. This was a rebellious affair in hmv as the brothers spread their gospel to the assembled believers gathered in the record store. An entertaining and uplifting performance. We all believe in the power of rock and roll and now know we are in it … Continue reading Rebellion 2013 day 3

Rebellion 2013 day 2

Rebellion 2013 -day 2 As i said yesterday theres 8 venues in the one building here at rebellion. one of the venues is used as a literary / poet forum. the literary events are always fascinating. John robb documents our movement by asking people who were involved some searching questions. We the hear first hand … Continue reading Rebellion 2013 day 2

Rebellion 2013 day 1

So, 53 weeks (I know, whats's in a year?) after last years event the annual punk rock shindig returns to blackpool. The punk rock is on sale in the local rock shops as 5000 punks submerge on blackpool to keep this decaying seaside town going. Local hoteliers greet their spiky friends with open arms and … Continue reading Rebellion 2013 day 1

Hope Show 31 – the lowdown

Hope show 31 - playlist 1. Theatre of Hate - Do you believe in the Westworld 2. Mice - Jess 3. Middle Ones - O.M.C. 4. Allo Darlin - Silver Dollars 5. Fugazi - Break 6. Deathfix - Dali's House 7. The Shorts - Bring Me the head of Bear Gryllis 8. Pilger - dissatisfied … Continue reading Hope Show 31 – the lowdown

The Shorts hang ’em flog ’em 7″

The Shorts Hang Em Flog Em Suspect Device Records I have just purchased a 12" picture frame. One of those that fits a record sleeve perfectly. My 12" vinyl collection counts to its hundred and I've spent some good times trying to decide if there is an alternative to the first record I've picked out … Continue reading The Shorts hang ’em flog ’em 7″