Suspect Device *55

Suspect device * 55 So it's been around for 55 issues and says fuck the mainstream in the front cover. The rest I could leave up to you but I won't. Tony and fax have the same straightforward style since issue 1 and they aren't gonna change now. Why should they? It's not broke, it … Continue reading Suspect Device *55

Winnebago Deal – Bail Out

Winnebago deal Bail out. 3/4 of this ep has songs under 2 minutes. Blink and you might miss them but thankfully your aural senses will still be fresh and subsequently refreshed if you turn up the volume here. Recorded 7 years ago but sounds like it could have been yesterday . I missed Winnebago deal … Continue reading Winnebago Deal – Bail Out

Hope Show 57 – the lowdown

“The world Feels Lost and Broken Down Tonight” 1. Billy Bragg – Power in A Union 2. Avail – Tuning 3. Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy 4. Rvivr – The Seam 5. Hard Skin – Another Terrace Anthem 6. Christy Moore – Companeros 7. Benjamin Zephaniah – Things We Say 8. Carla Bozulich – … Continue reading Hope Show 57 – the lowdown

Positive Creed Fanzine

Plenty of good interviews in this zine. Interesting observations from people who have been around the punk scene firyears, Dunstan Bruce, Attila the stockbroker and nicky Tesco from the members. It's not stuck in a time warp though as crash Dillz and Healthy junkies who are new to me also get a chance to spread … Continue reading Positive Creed Fanzine

Manchester how are ya?

The excitable youngster inside me is full of enthusiasm as i face the day. An early flight to Manchester for a day of fanzine shopping, record shop Hunting and plenty of vegan food. And that's just the daylight hours. After sunset it will be of to Bolton for HDQ, Southport, stay clean jolene and holiday … Continue reading Manchester how are ya?

Hope show 54 – the lowdown

Hope Show 54 "The way we see it punk rock is all about trying to lay your soul bare, to say something and connect with people and inspire people to do the same." cat on form 1. Bear Trade - Age Is a high price to pay for maturity 2. Tone - Incoming 3. The … Continue reading Hope show 54 – the lowdown

Wanna buy a zine?

That was an eventful week. It's hard as a father of three kids to dive headfirst into the world of DIY punk rock as the kids still need to go school, football training and do all those things kids do. Harder still when DIY becomes the theme for much needed home improvements. Harder still when … Continue reading Wanna buy a zine?

Hope Show 53 – the lowdown

Hope Show 53 - Mostly New to me with some classics 1. Bear trade - Wake 2. Menshevik - Draw The Line 3. Crane - Burning Hole 4. Bobot Adrenaline - Viktor's Misery 5. Crash Of Rhinos - The Reason I took so long 6. Emm Gryner - Nowhere 7. The UnGnomes - Georgie The … Continue reading Hope Show 53 – the lowdown

Hope Show 52 – The lowdown

A year of shows in more than a year. it's not supposed to be straightforward is it? Hope SHow 52 1. Crystal Grenade - Shape Of Things 2. King Champion SOunds - Orbit Macht Frei 3. Chumbawamba - THe Land of Do What You're told 4. The SHorts - Bring Me the Skinned and Mutilated … Continue reading Hope Show 52 – The lowdown

Hope Zine

Hope *1 is a collection of people from the punk rock movement giving their thoughts on what Punk rock means to them. Buy fanzine for 2 Euro + 1 Euro P+P Contributors include John Robb, Steven Malley, Anto Loserdom, Doug Aikman, Sean Forbes, Peter Jones, Carol Hodge, Karren Ablaze, Jon Langford and many more. 28 … Continue reading Hope Zine