Hope Show 27

Government Issue – Where You Live
Great St Louis – RedEye
Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides
Hard Skin – Sausage Man
The Evens – Timothy Wright
Deathfix – Hospital
Fugazi – Dear Justice Letter
Channels – MayDay
Southport – Days Like These, Kings
Snuff – Too Late
Good Luck – Novel Figure
No Choice – control
Glimmerman – Satellite People
The Members – Sound of the suburbs
Hanson Brothers – 130 + 10%
TV SMith – No Time To Be 21
The flatliners – And the world files for Chapter 11

Tonight I’m mixing the old with the new with links everywhere

The sun is shining outside but my hear is cold (a little bit anyway). There has been a Government Issue this week to make me work an extra 2 and 1/4 hours per week. Where You live is from the excellent Finale Album. The Great St Louis are a cool tuneful band from the UK. They have a few releases an on the excellent Boss Tuneage label. Red Eye is from a Boss Tuneage collection. Years ago there was a band called Glue from Scotland. I followed them with great interest across the Irish Sea. Their guitarist Alan McNaughton moved to San Francisco, wrote for MRR and it feels like we have been great friends ever since since through his writings. He formed a band and brought out this excellent Playing Both Sides 72. here is that track.
Hard Skin were over in Ireland recently and featured on this show. Sausage Man is from the On The Balls part of their new records. The Evens are from Washingotn DC, they released their third album this year, the odds. Timothy Wright is from this album. Deathfix are also from DC and on Dischord, their new album is called Deathfix and Hospital is the third song on that album. The evens feature Ian McKaye from Fugazi and Deathfix feature Brendan Canty – what more of a reason do you need to play Fugazi. Channels feature J Robbins and Janet Morgan – Janet Was in Shonben with Scott from Hard Skin and released an album on Newest Industry Records (see later in the show for another circle linking these)

Southport have a great new album our called Southern Sounl – they also have a great album called Armchair Supporter, I played one track from each album and put in Snuff for good measure as Simon was in Snuff. We move over to Gainesville Florida for Good Luck on No Idea Records. I bought their Without Hesitaion lp recently and it is a great find. Novel Figure is one of 11 great tracks.

AS mentioned earlier Shonben featured Janet Morgan from Channels and their label also released No Choice from Wales. Control is taken from this album. Glimmerman from Dublin released Satellite People last year and travelled all the way to Maryland to record it, J Robbins from Channels produced it and here is the title song.

This is recorded in the Suburbs and this radio show is summed up by this song form the Members – Sound of the suburbs indeed. A Sound not fromn the Suburbs ius the Hanson Brothers. NomeansNo wirght brothers pay homage tothe Ramones – had me jumping around my bedroom recording this show. 130 + 10% is from the My Game album. I love TV Smith, he was in the Adverts way back in the day and is still churning them out. This is from the album he recorded live which is a copy of the adverts crossing the red sea with the adverts. When I started work back in 1987 this album was my taped music for getting me through each day. When I finished my 6.57 each day i went home with the adverts tunes in my head and dreams of the world changing in my heart.

It has certainly changed alright but I’m now gonna be in that room longer each day

The flatliners ended it all up with And the World Files for chapter 11 from the Great Awake album. Uplifting and we have to be positive through it all

the written word keeps printing


Loserdom *23
I love reading Loseredom, its like having a chat with Anto. Each zine gives you and update on his life, the music he’s listening to and the travels he has been up to. Himself and Eugene have offered up a personal touch since their first offering in 1996. This issue is no different. There’s a feature on the history of Cork Fanzines with some great interviews. Part of the appeal for me is that the writing captures the feeling. Reading about Nay, Nay’n Thirice Nay, or Protest, or Sunny Days, or Choc-a-Bloc and it seems like you have these zines in your hands. It’s not just Irish scene documentation though, there’s a great interview with anti-war activist Ed Horgan as he talks about rendition flights in Shannon airport or a great tale of cycling through Andalucia.

Contact loserdomzine at gmail.com for more info on how to part with your 3 euro


Also 3 Euro is a completely different read but not less worthy Riot 77
Nowehere near as personal as Loserdom BUT always full of great interviews the new Riot 77 is no less disappointing than other great efforts. The conversations Cian has with interviewees provide great insight. This issue has TSOL, New Bomb Turks, Radiators and The Dictators reps discussing their background and history. There’s a great interview with the 2 lads behind Dublins punk rock bar, the Thomas House. Reading Riot77 is like getting a history lesson. If you’ve any interest in the world of punk rock I recommend you check this out

Hope show Number 12

A new show has just gone up. I’ve gone international in ecognition of workers rights around the globe. De Kift from Netherlands complement Against Me, Screeching Weasel, Henry Rollins and Kimya Dawson from the States. UK is represented by Brightons Cat on Form, Cardiff’s Four Letter Word, Sunderlands Leatherface, Bristols Discharge, Caernarfons Anhrefn and Barkings Billy Bragg. I also had to play the Members as they are playing Dublin soon. Japan is there because Go hail from there (not to be confused with the Go! from California who played Ireland on June 1 1991 . Irelend is truly represented by Messiah J and the Experts and tempermental Miss Elayneous.



This is the 12th show. It seems a lot more but hope ya like

1. De kift – wee Mij
2. Against Me – Sink FLorida Sink
3. Cat on Form – Set them on fire with their own matches
4. Four Letter Word – Crimewave
5. Leatherface – Melody Lee
6. Discharge – Protest and survive
7. Anhrefn & One Style MDV – Bankrobber
8. Billy Bragg – There is Power in a union
9. Temper-Mental Misselayneous – Proletrain Restitution
10. Messiah J and The Experts – Seven Cups of coffee and a slice of Apple Strudel
11. Henry Rollins – Black Coffee
12. Go – Pay for it
13. members – sound of the suburbs
14. Screeching Weasel – Hey Suburbia
15. Kimya Dawson/Antsy Pants – Tree Hugger

Othered voices

othered voices (http://farcryproductions.weebly.com/) is a wonderful idea. Brought to people as part of temple bar trad fest it is a left field look at the city and the part we play in todays society.

Tonights gathering of 50 people in a small room on Ormond Quay was a treat. Councillor Mannix Flynn is the curator and he spoke eloquently about the arts speaking for the people and tonights artists were ones that speak from from the heart.

Ophelia McCabe started with a beautiful haunting solo piece. One women and her voice it had us enraptured. She then did two rap pieces and had me muttering (go back to the singing your voice is amazing).

tempermental MissElaynious is a rapper from Finglas and she sure can rap. She puts some amounts of words into each piece. Tonight she was the voice with no backing track, Dublins answer to Benjamin Zephaniah. Cailin Rua was the highlight complete with bodhran.

Jinx was introduced last and he is part punk poet, troubador with slightle eccentric songs. A political Aidan Walsh if you will. One man, a guitar, a beatbox and a penchant for making you think. Jinx sings as he sees it, his job as night porter in a hospital sums him up. You can imagine him with his headphones on making up all sorts of quirky tales about modern life as he sees what life throws at people.

Happy Valley anyone?

The whole HMV saga has been interestng hasn’t it? I have bought very little in HMV down through the years as I viewed them as the evil big brother. Trying to pofit fomr our scene but ready to trample on it should an alternative way of making money be found. It all stems from Chumbawamba I suppose. They advised us way back when to boycott Thorn EMI and that developed to the excellent only stupid bastards help emi album.. HMV were part of that empire until it had its day and connections were severed. Not by me though.

And it did lots of business, sold a huge amount of cd’s and dvd’s and somewhere along the way bankrupted itself. From what I read the Irish end of the operation seemed to be profitable but currently it is the irish businesses that remain closed. Of course HMV are based in a different jurusdiction and are operating under the laws of that country. They have more shops in the uk than ireland so may wish to get these sorted before here.

The outcry is the one thing that is fascinating me. I never viewed HMV as a record shop, it was a superstore but probably something that is required so that music can reach the masses. it is a bad thing that the high street doesn’t have a record store? There’s always other streets around the corner, these streets are far more interesting anyway.

I wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago (http://culturie.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/heres-to-a-new-year/) “Anytime you think of something that you feel would be a shame if it ceased then support it. In Dublin it was local shops. Let’s support those worth supporting. ” Ironic that a coouple of weeks later after a hugely busy Christmas period that HMV closed its doors and didn’t pay its staff.

If you felt that it was a shame that HMV closed then support other stores you would like to see open, don’t just sign an e-petition and go off to amazon. Think of other places you like and support these too, excuse me I’m off to casa rebelde (http://casarebelde.com/) for some clothes and then chapters (http://chapters.ie/) or Gutter Books (http://www.gutterbookshop.com/) for a read before having some food in the newly opened lurve (http://lurve.ie/)

Hope Show number 10

New show is streaming live and ready for download. A bit of Geoffrey to start off mixed with classic DC punk rastas Bad Brains, DAn LE Sac gets me dancing across the room with Scroobius Pip. Weakerthans calm things down before Steve Drewett, the neurotics and Attila the stockbroker bring back sweet memories. The Mob were amazing live and Propgogandhi and the evens finish up. Enjoy


1. Geoffrey Oicott – I was Montys Double
2. Bad Brains – I against I
3. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Letter From God To Man
4. The Ex – Listen to the Painters
5. Weakerthans – Elegy for Gump Worsley
6. Steve Drewett and the Indestructable Beat – Capital Radio
7. Newtown Neurotics – Does Anyone Know where the march is
8. Attila The Stockbroker – Washington Bullets
9. The Mob – I hear you laughing
10. Propogandhi – And we think Nation States are a bad idea / utter crap song
11. The Evens – Timothy Wright

Hope Show Number 9

Hope Show Number 9

So it’s a new year and for the tail end of 2012 I neglected my weekly radio ahow at radioactiveinternational.org Hopefully the technical difficulties that ensued in December have now been ironed out and I will be able to get the show up every Saturday for 9 pm. I playeed a mixture of old and new for this weeks show – playlist and reasons as follows

1. the evens – Competing with the till I’ve just got the new evens album and am delighted by how good it sounds. this needs to be shared

2. fawn spots Spanish Glass Best 7″ for me last year was this record by the fawn spots on the excellent Louder Than War label

3. American Steel – Love And Logic I always enjoy singing along to American Steel and this Song gets my loudest chant ‘Destroy their future before it kills us’ indeed

4. Los Fastidios – Cruelty Free One of the best live bands of 2012, vegan anti-fascist and diy and proud. What more could you want

5. The Membranes – Time Warp 1991 I am forever being accused of being stuck in a Time Warp – well before 1991 I’m afraid. The membranse turned me on to active diy and I’m delighted to see their names back on bills for gigs again.

6. Black Cougar Shock Unit We Don’t have a nail big enough for Peter Lorre I have great memories of Black Cougar Shock Unit playing in Dublin – not last year but it only feels that recent. I also picked up some great stuff from Dave at newest Industry recently so wanna share this

7. Duncan Redmonds – Romford Now a star of BBC Radio 6 Sean Forbes is guest vocals on this along with Duncan from Snuff playing Drums and telling us what they really think of the beautiful pictureque village of Romford. Sean is the skinhead leader of Hard Skin (well one of three hard leaders) who have a new album out soon – one for 2013 eh?

8. Jawbreaker – Chemistry Jawbreaker – what more can I say?

9. Flies on You – Slashing it Down One of the albums of 2012, with the great Nerve Rack bass sound of 1987

10. Ginger Wildheart – Internal Radio I saw Ginger play an acoustic gig in August – I knew nothing about him and was enthralled by the audience singalong.

11. Joe Solo – We’re All Gay Joe came over to Dublin as part of Lithium Joe in the 90’s. He’s now playig solo and kicking against the pricks in 2012 with new songs every week

12. The Ruts – In A Rut Best live band of the year for me – I was amazed when I saw these in Rebellion

13. Paranoid Visions – Outsider Artist Irish album of the year – this is their collabaration with TV Smith

14. the evens – Architects Sleep Wanted to finish on a high note, the baritone guitar doesn’t go too high but this really is a great album.


Here’s to a new year

Here’s a piece originating from a while back but still very true for today.

So goodbye 2012 you were a tome of badness! Well, you weren’t really but politically you were redundant. I wrote my first fanzine in 1984 and had pieces in it about capitalism being the wrong choice for the people. 28 years and a lot of mileage later we should be recreating those zines of yesteryear. We need a different slant to the anti-gang though. We now need to be the pro-gang. Don’t be anti-state, be PRO change. Reclaim our world and reclaim our words.

With that in mind here’s my new year revolutions

1) Keep listening to uplifting music. It may only need three chords, sometimes a lot less but music has the power to do so much more than entertain. Entertainment is good, it’s a start. We can use our music to spread knowledge and inspiration.

2) Support local business. Whether you are anarchist, capitalist or a pain in the ist you use money at some stage. This can pay rent, keep you warm or whatever but it is a chain we are cogs in. You can be a good cog and try and grease that chain.

Anytime you think of something that you feel would be a shame if it ceased then support it. In Dublin it was local shops. Let’s support those worth supporting.

3) All talk is cheap, talk Politics! Don’t be afraid to voice a reasoned opinion. let’s get dialogue going again. How can we get out of this mess? How can we assist each other through this (see point 2). Let’s have debates, let’s have fun, let’s be optimistic and let’s DO!

4) Don’t rely on elected individuals. Whilst I have no doubt that most people believe they can change the world, those that feel elections are the only avenue are misleading the rest. We can work within our communities to affect change. Sure, politicians can enforce decisions that effect us all but lets start local and in the meantime try and get those who might assist the people to be the ones in power.

5) Communities are the key. That could be punk rock community, residents community or work community we can work together to make our surroundings better. Help your trade union, help your local charity, help your neighbour. BE!

6) This one I have given a lot of thought to, let’s help our neighbours out. Invite them in for that cup of tea, car pool, food pool, work together. A group of parents hang out? why not swop babysitting sessions. Gonna go out for a meal? why not dine in and invite your friends. Organise some pot lucks (preferably vegan). Let’s work together and be in it for EACH other.

7) Henry sang it, I’ve said it but the words ring true Don’t talk about it, DO IT
With that in mind my pledge for this year. Remember it is not about what we are against anymore, it is about what we are FOR

Hope show the sixth

I’ve had an intersting week. I am finally settling ijn to my new house and the dust is getting a bit clearer. This week was union activity week and we were looking at ways our union can reach out to members. It is hard to find actions that say YOU are the union, get involved and make things happen. Just like the real world.
With that in mind I put my radion show online last night. Remember too that you can do this if you wish

billy bragg – there is power in a union
joe solo – little red songbook
Bluetip – LMNOP
Seein Red – Waste
Flies on You – slashing it down
We were evergreen – Summer Fling
Former Cell Mates Jumping At Shadows
Mika Miko – The Dress
Henry Rollins / Chuck D – Rise Above
Mike scott – Sweatshops and slaughterhouses
TV Smith – True Believers
The Redneck Manifesto – Click
Los Campesinos – There are listed buildings
The Mob – No Doves Fly Here


Hope show Number 3 now up

The third instalment of the Hope Radio show is now up on Radioactive


Playlist as follows

1. Josephine – Flies On You – “You wouldn’t want a holiday in my head, well I wouldn’t want one in yours either”

2. Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

3. White Colonial – Dawson

4. I fought In A War – Belle and Sebastien

5. Nashville Radio – John Langford

6. There’s No Way Punk Was meant to be like this – Latterman “lets try to add values to our lives”

7. Count It Down – K-Line

8. Good Guys Don’t Wear White – Minor Threat

9. Zero Tolerance Drum Policy – None More Black

10. Wonderful People – Q and Not U

11. Tone Arm – Kodiak “Still Sounds so great to me”

12. Profit – Omega Tribe “If you stand up you are a start towards change. Say NO!!”

13. It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World – Atom and His Package

14. By And By – Chumbawamba

15. I really love Penelope – Hey paulette