The Shorts hang ’em flog ’em 7″

The Shorts Hang Em Flog Em Suspect Device Records I have just purchased a 12" picture frame. One of those that fits a record sleeve perfectly. My 12" vinyl collection counts to its hundred and I've spent some good times trying to decide if there is an alternative to the first record I've picked out … Continue reading The Shorts hang ’em flog ’em 7″

Hope Show Number 30 – the lowdown ‎ 1. Damien Dempsey - Dublin Town 2. 11Paranoias - Reapers Ruin 3. Sonic Youth - Catholic Block 4. Paranoid Visions - Poles Apart 5. Integrity - Suicide Black Snake 6. The Hives - T.H.E. H.I.V.E.S. 7. Black Eyes - Someone Has His Fingers Broken 8. Grant Hart - Awake, Arise 9. The Ex … Continue reading Hope Show Number 30 – the lowdown

Hope show 29 – the lowdown

hopeshowNumber29 1. The MEKONS - Corporal Chalkie 2. Joe Solo - Aint a got a nothin 3. Ramones - Judy Is a Punk 4. Fugazi Place Position 5. Rites Of Spring - Drink Deep 6. Fawn SPots - Spanish Glass 7. Arcwelder - Everest 8. Leftover Crack - Supermarket Song 9. Star Fucking Hipsters - … Continue reading Hope show 29 – the lowdown

Hope Show 28 – the lowdown 1. Deathfix - Playboy 2. Wugazi - Killa Hill 3. Sage Francis - Jah Didn't Kill Johnny 4. A Death In The Family - SOmethings Out of Tune 5. Pilger - Disatisfied 6. Against ME - Slurring the Rhythms 7. Shorebirds - Upside Down 8. Bedford Fall - Whos Coat is that Jacket? 9. … Continue reading Hope Show 28 – the lowdown

ICTU BDC Day 3 July 2013

Day 3 Day 3 ICTU conference July 2013 "History will look back on this being a defining conference for the trade union movement" David Begg told us at the end of this session. A session that saw a further 14 motions pass almost unanimously, including 2 emergency ones. I don't think that is the history … Continue reading ICTU BDC Day 3 July 2013

ICTU BDC Day 2 July 2013

And so it continues. Day 2 of ICTU conference saw us listen to and unanimously vote on 17 motions, only one motion had a dissenting voice and that was down to requesting stronger wording from the proposers. 28 motions so far and one that stirred up debate? Today saw some interesting contributions from guest speakers. … Continue reading ICTU BDC Day 2 July 2013

ICTU Conference Belfast July 2013

Day 1 It was with some trepidation and excitement that I attend my first ICTU conference. I have been involved in trade unions in various shapes and guises since entering the workforce in 1987. I have stepped up this involvement in recent years and have been on the edge of the ICTU family. This was … Continue reading ICTU Conference Belfast July 2013

Hope Show 27

Government Issue - Where You Live Great St Louis - RedEye Airfix Kits - Playing Both Sides Hard Skin - Sausage Man The Evens - Timothy Wright Deathfix - Hospital Fugazi - Dear Justice Letter Channels - MayDay Southport - Days Like These, Kings Snuff - Too Late Good Luck - Novel Figure No Choice … Continue reading Hope Show 27

the written word keeps printing

Loserdom *23 I love reading Loseredom, its like having a chat with Anto. Each zine gives you and update on his life, the music he’s listening to and the travels he has been up to. Himself and Eugene have offered up a personal touch since their first offering in 1996. This issue is no different. … Continue reading the written word keeps printing

Hope show Number 12

A new show has just gone up. I've gone international in ecognition of workers rights around the globe. De Kift from Netherlands complement Against Me, Screeching Weasel, Henry Rollins and Kimya Dawson from the States. UK is represented by Brightons Cat on Form, Cardiff's Four Letter Word, Sunderlands Leatherface, Bristols Discharge, Caernarfons Anhrefn and Barkings … Continue reading Hope show Number 12