Cannibales and Vahines – Songs For a Free Body

Cannibales and Vahines Songs For a Free Body Freddy Morezon Productions All We Want is that which makes us less than free should stop now Since leaving the Ex as its lead singer and troubador GW Sok has been as busy as ever. His artisitic output continues to grow as he collaborates with many around … Continue reading Cannibales and Vahines – Songs For a Free Body

Hard Skin – We’re the Fucking Business

Hard Skin We're the Fucking Business JT Classics   So many football teams have them - players that don't pull their weight but seem to get away with it. Workplaces have them, people that turn up but do little and yet the bosses love them Hard Skin are that player, that workmate. They are … Continue reading Hard Skin – We’re the Fucking Business

Joe Solo – Never Be Defeated

Joe Solo Never Be Defeated Resolve Records   It is no secret that punk rock has been the main ingredient for the overall music that have gone through my ears through the past 30 years. It, as a genre, has helped shape my entire life. I haven't eaten meat since Flux sang about it … Continue reading Joe Solo – Never Be Defeated

Maid of Ace S/t

Maid of ace s/t Shamefully I have to say I was sceptical when I saw maid of ace for the first time. How can a band be this good and I have heard nothing of them? Not only was I unaware of their existence but the fact that the four siblings from Essex hadn't … Continue reading Maid of Ace S/t

Strange Wilds – Subjective Concepts lp

Strange Wilds Subjective Concepts Sub Pop It's amazing how few members are required to be in a band to make an unholy racket. There's three in Strange Wilds and have a force to be reckoned with. Pounding drums behind a solid riff laden bassline with explosive rock guitars provide the background to vocals being screamed … Continue reading Strange Wilds – Subjective Concepts lp

Dune Rats s/t

Dune Rats Dune Rats Ratbag Records I always wonder about the term 'dumb'band. It seems to be a description doing the rounds for Brisbanes Dune Rats. I'm not sure what quantifies as dumb but to me this is a clever bunch of surfers. Sorry, I've no idea whether they surf or not it's just the … Continue reading Dune Rats s/t

The Helio Sequence s/t

The Helio Sequence The Helio Sequence Sub Pop Half a dozen albums. 6 whole albums. That's what the helio Sequence have produced in their admirable life thus far. 6 records in and they've ran out of titles. Most bands can't think of an album name the first time around. Either that or so reviewers can … Continue reading The Helio Sequence s/t

Steve Drewett – Jenga Society

Steve Drewett The Jenga Society Cruel Binary With a history of music between us, playing for Steve and listening for me, it is hard to be objective about this release. I wrote to Steve over three decades ago trying to get his band of the time over to Ireland to play some gigs. His band … Continue reading Steve Drewett – Jenga Society

Vanilla Pod – Seeing Out The Sunshine

Vanilla Pod Seeing Out the Sunshine TNS / Dry Heave In 1995 Vanilla Pod started pushing their brand of hardcore on to the masses. That included a trip to ireland as they tried to woo audiences with that fast US influenced sound, harking back to New York. They seemed to pop up on so many … Continue reading Vanilla Pod – Seeing Out The Sunshine

USA Nails – Sonic Moist

USA Nails Sonic Moist Smalltown America 10 slabs of discordant and manic noise. Cries of Drive Like Jehu or Circus Lupus, where you have screams, noise, tunes and manic playing. This is so good. They played Dublin late lat year and selfishy I can't believe I wasn't there. I hope you made it. It's full … Continue reading USA Nails – Sonic Moist