Barry McCormack – Cut Throat Lane

Barry McCormack Cut Throat Lane hags head records Barry McCormack is a modern day story teller. His tales are from the streets of Dublin. The words are stories from the darker side of these streets. Not the gloss and shine of the newly built areas but the reality of the grim world that people are … Continue reading Barry McCormack – Cut Throat Lane

New Model Army – Between Dog And Wolf

New Model Army played a huge part in my life. There I've said it. When Conflict had their only stupid Bastards sign to EMI t-shirt I was devastated. Here was my band, new Model Army, a band I had almost befriended. a band I had bought every record by, believed in and now they jumped … Continue reading New Model Army – Between Dog And Wolf

Hunx and His Punx – Street Punk

Hunx And His Punx Street Punk Hardly Art Seth Bogart started Hunx and His Punx in 2008 and this is their third albm. Hunx is Seth's alter ego and the Punx are two women playing obnoxious US hardcore with an almost riot grrl feel. The first time I had coffee I spat it out and … Continue reading Hunx and His Punx – Street Punk

Roughneck Riot – This is our day lp

roughneck riot This Is Our Day Bomber Music So we have an assembled group of musicians complete with tattoos guitars, bass, drums, ukelele, accordion. Armed with a manifesto of making the world a better place, ready to scream it out, ready to take you with them. "Is there anybody out there that can see what … Continue reading Roughneck Riot – This is our day lp

No Age – ‘An Object’

No Age An Object Sub Pop I saw No Age play in Dublin with Mika Miko wheny Skinny Wolves put them on in the Boom Boom room 6 years ago. The Boom Boom room was opposite the rotunda hospital, north dublin's maternity hospital. I'm sure some babies were born that night to the strained noise … Continue reading No Age – ‘An Object’

2 for the price of 2 – Hard Skin

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear / On The Balls jtclassics records During my days on the football pitch I developed a (some would say annoying) habit of repeating every call I made. As a goalkeeper, on the last line of defence, I could be heard duplicating my every order. "Clear, clear"! "Away, Away!" I suppose … Continue reading 2 for the price of 2 – Hard Skin

Terror of Modern Life

Goldblade The Terror of modern Life Overground Records 13 slabs of modern day Punk rock is presented to us here in the form of Goldblade's new album. This band have been touring worldwide since 1995 with a work ethic that is second to none. Give them a gig and a chance to get to it … Continue reading Terror of Modern Life

Southern Soul

Southport Southern Soul YO YO records This record has been on pretty constant rotation around my head for the past month. I have played most tracks on my radio show . It is Southports third offering and they have bucked the trend for those bands who offer their first as the most memorable. Whilst trying … Continue reading Southern Soul

the evens ‘the odds’

the evens - the odds (dischord records) before I start I have to admit to a vested interest here. The last gig I was involved in putting on (which total over 200) was the evens when they visited dublin in 2005. I have never said that I've stopped doing gigs, Im just taking a break.... … Continue reading the evens ‘the odds’

Paranoid Visions – Escape from The Austerity Complex (Overground Records)

Paranoid Visions - Escape From the Austerity Complex (Overground Records) Haunting start - I sit here typing this review in to a computer nearly 30 years after seeing Paranoid Visions for the first time.  It's a debut I will never forget.  My journey started at the bus stop with my bro who was the instigator … Continue reading Paranoid Visions – Escape from The Austerity Complex (Overground Records)