New video from Gangs

GANGS has released the video for their newest single, the title track from their debut EP, Back To School . The EP is available now from Reekus Records, The video was directed by Gansee Films and the track was produced by Brian Foley of The Blades. Watch it here: niallhope

Nomeansno – Dance of the headless bourgeoisie

Nomeansno Dance of the headless bourgeoisie Wrong Records The benefits of telling history stories is that events have usually happened and consequences thereof also exist. Of course in many cases we don't learn and repeate the mistakes and achievements of previous days. IN 1998 Nomeansno released their 12 song double album, thier eight album, and … Continue reading Nomeansno – Dance of the headless bourgeoisie

Young Attenborough – Isolation

Young Attenborough Isolation "Find your feet Let the machine sleep Seek out the beauty in the street" Is how this album finishes but what words eh? I know it's not always that easy but what if it was? Do we really new to spend our time slaving away for our next product to buy? We … Continue reading Young Attenborough – Isolation

Helen Chambers – Penny Arcade

Helen Chambers Penny Arcade Specialist Subject records This meanders from quaint English folk to Americana with a yorkshire accent to acapella and country. There's a vulnerability to Helen Chambers voice which adds to the allure. When she sings "keep singing the songs that will stop me from feeling alone" it shows opens up human nature … Continue reading Helen Chambers – Penny Arcade

End Of Pipe – Keep Running

End Of Pipe Keep Running Bomber Music Structured verse chorus, middle eight and whatever songs that make up melodic punk rock. Sometimes it feels like a slowed down Bad Religion, others there's a hint towards Down By Law. There's 6 songs here from this Brazilian outfit. With song titles like Rain and Pollution they may … Continue reading End Of Pipe – Keep Running

Death In The Sickroom – Brick To The Face ep

Death In The Sickroom Brick To The Face EP Reekus Records irish pop that makes me thijnk of Hey Paulette. Will we ever see a band like them? Maybe not and they hold a rightful place at top of the jangle charts in this country. Not sure if Death In the sickroom are even aware … Continue reading Death In The Sickroom – Brick To The Face ep

Wound – Deep Cuts In All The Wrong Places

Wound Deep Cuts in all the Wrong Places Download Chester hardcore band have produced 5 songs in 7 minutes, not to be confused with the Dublin noise band with the extra s at the end. Actually some internet research has shown up a long list of bands around the word Wound. It commences with the … Continue reading Wound – Deep Cuts In All The Wrong Places

Goober Patrol / 7 day Conspiracy Split album

Goober Patrol / 7 Day Conspiracy Split Fixing a hole records Goober Patrol are from Norwich and have been brandishing their high tempo ska pop punk sound for many years now. 7 Day Conspiracy are from Sittingbourne, which Wikipedia tells me is near Kent. 200 Km down the east coast from Norwich, but they have … Continue reading Goober Patrol / 7 day Conspiracy Split album

Gangs- Back To School

Gangs Back To School Reekus Records The term back to school resonates with me nopt more but equally comparable to most parents of children age between 5 and 17. Of course for us it's a bout financial issues and lunchboxes and schoolbooks. Gangs aren't getting at that but I still have that struggle. "Try and … Continue reading Gangs- Back To School

Pissed Jeans – Shallow

Track by track review for Pissed Jeans remastered Shallow LP, out October 7 on Sub Pop I'm sick - Garage and in your face describing the virus in his body - maybe Garage No Age playing in the club style of Butthole Surfers Boring Girls - Jesus and Mary Chain but with more direct vocals … Continue reading Pissed Jeans – Shallow