Sect – Interview

As I mentioned in my review of Sects new lp on Southern Lord "The band carry a straight edge message that resonates with me. As someone involved in the punk scene for over 30 years I still get asked about my choice of liquid. It still seems to mean something to people that I don’t … Continue reading Sect – Interview

Album of the Year. Trouble Pilgrims ‘Dark Shadows and Rust’

        Dublin 1976-’77. Bleak, uncompromising and unpromising. The price for looking even a little bit different is getting your head kicked in. Conform, conform, conform was the motto of the time. A motto so ingrained in us that it didn’t have to be spoken out loud. Then came the early angry shouts … Continue reading Album of the Year. Trouble Pilgrims ‘Dark Shadows and Rust’

Paddy McPoland from Carlow RTC Ents Officer to World Tours

In the 1980s Paddy McPoland made an impression on the Irish music scene. He brought bands including Something Happens!, Aslan, A House and Light A Big Fire to Carlow for some of their first gigs outside Dublin. As such, we has responsible for giving opportunities for these Dublin bands to develop a national audience. Later … Continue reading Paddy McPoland from Carlow RTC Ents Officer to World Tours

Quicksand – Interiors

Quicksand Interiors Epitaph So let’s pretend you’ve read a review I’ve written before. You know I place emphasis on memories. I pay homage to an Irish era that was discovering the rest of the world. An ireland pre Celtic tiger. An ireland where our nations confidence was only starting to build. The grey streets were … Continue reading Quicksand – Interiors

Angelic Upstarts – Bullingdon Bastards

Angelic upstarts Bullingdon bastards Boss Tuneage Like any angelic upstarts record this is not just music. It’s a reflection of society and a request for those not happy to do something about it. Musically it’s sing along mid tempo punk rock but the upstarts are still trying to smash the system. Or, failing that, those … Continue reading Angelic Upstarts – Bullingdon Bastards

Making Ireland rock in the 1980s: Pat O’Mahony

The 1980s were a particularly vibrant time in Ireland’s music scene. New bands sprang up, and many local bands secured international deals with major labels. One of the major reasons for this success was the behind-the-scenes activity, in particular, by the young entrepreneurs I call the ‘Ents Entrepreneurs’. These were young music-loving students, and providing … Continue reading Making Ireland rock in the 1980s: Pat O’Mahony

Dealing With Damage – Interview

The UK is full of so many good bands at the moment. Like Ireland it is an island full of so many people bringing out their own records and not worrying about signing record deals or careers in the music industry.  One such band is Dealing With Damage.  Their pedigree is enough to get you … Continue reading Dealing With Damage – Interview

Protex Interview

Protex were one of the great pop-punk bands from Northern Ireland during the first rush of punk/new wave. To me they were just as exciting as the Undertones, SLF, the Outcasts and the brilliant Rudi. Don't get me wrong,I loved those bands, but I loved Protex just as much. I remember my brother buying me … Continue reading Protex Interview

Russ Bestley Interview. The Art of Punk

Russ Bestley has established a reputation as one of the great historians of popular music. His specific area is punk, post-punk and DIY music. The 2015 book, The Art of Punk which he co-authored with Alex Ogg is one of the best books ever written about popular music. It includes many of the most original … Continue reading Russ Bestley Interview. The Art of Punk