Play of the day: The Pukes

Never mind the buffetThe pukesHoo Ha records The Pukes started as a punk rock ukelele collective. Their early gigs were raucous affairs with as many people on the stage as in the audience at times. They were the epitome of diy. Whether by accident or design the number of people on stage has dwindled … Continue reading Play of the day: The Pukes

Play of the day: Seth Anderson

Seth AndersonWe Could BeLittle rocket / One Week Records I often think of penalty takers or goalkeepers as the sporting equivalent of singer songwriters. Last line of defence or hero or villain ready to win a game singer / songwriters lay it all on the line. Seth certainly puts it all out ther. Passionate … Continue reading Play of the day: Seth Anderson

Thursday Tunes – Last Reserves

Thursday Tunes returns for 2020 where we get a band playing an upcoming gig in Dublin to lit 5 songs they are currently listening to or have had an effect on their lives or music. This week we have Last Reserves, a punk band from Liverpool who are playing the Dando Sessions on Friday. First … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Last Reserves

Book of the Week – There is no planet B

There is no planet BMike Berners LeeCambridge university press Any book that proclaims “in the 21st century it is totally unhelpful to have organisations that exist primarily in order to make profit” is going to pique my interest. Being a Cambridge university press publication I had some trepidation in that it would be coated in … Continue reading Book of the Week – There is no planet B

Dublin Bowie Festival 2020

The annual Dublin Bowie Festival returns for its fifth edition from Wednesday January 8th until Sunday January 12th and again, fans of the singer are in for a treat with the 5 night event set to celebrate 50 years of The Man Who Sold The World

Play of the day: Pardon Us, Wait

Wait Pardon Us Everything sucks music  Trying to keep hopeWhen everything’s so hopeless Believing in the sunshine thoughThis life is cold and grey, try not to lose heart.  I’ve written about pardon us in the past. From seeing them live at rebellion through to play of the day and then their interview a couple of years … Continue reading Play of the day: Pardon Us, Wait

This Weeks Gigs: Jan 7 – 13

Quiet enough week this week as we get back to whatever normailty should be for 2020. Friday has plenty going on with three punk gigs clashing. At least the Dando Sessions is a late one so if you want to catch Last reserves you will be able to stroll down from Whelans or Bohs and … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs: Jan 7 – 13

Play of the day: Bratakus

Target grrl BratakusScreaming babies records An honest two piece attacking patriarchy and a way of life that promotes inequality. The drum machine bashes with intent as sisters have a two pronged attack. It harks back to mid late 80s anacho scene with mid - fast paced sing along angry songs. Those songs still need singing. … Continue reading Play of the day: Bratakus