Down By Law – Revolution Time

Down By Law - Revolution Time Dry Heave Records I have a fear of dentists. it all stems back to me as a 10 year old boy being terrified of a tall man in a white suit with sharp instruments in his hand. I can't begin to explain this irrational phobia. But there hasn't been … Continue reading Down By Law – Revolution Time

Colum McCann – TransAtlantic

Colum McCann TransAtlantic Bloomsbury Press If there's one thing that our history should teach us is that we shouldn't forget our history. This is a decade for centenaries in Ireland, The Lockout was remembered last year. Battling is now taking place over who will be Lord Mayor in our cities when the 1916 Rising is … Continue reading Colum McCann – TransAtlantic

Bear Trade – Blood And Sand

bear trade Blood and sand Waterslide Records Where bear trade make a mockery of the concept of The difficult second album. Paint a picture in your mind of Northern England and a band singing in the ruins of a derelict building, singing through the grime and dirt and greyness of a country split. There's a … Continue reading Bear Trade – Blood And Sand

Luvdump – Age of Austerity

Luvdump Age of austerity (Pumpkin Records) As someone born in 68 and introduced to music by punk rock I grew up with the protest song. That could have been the clash, the jam, crass or new model army bands seemed to have something to say about the state we lived in. Of course that has … Continue reading Luvdump – Age of Austerity

Positive Creed *23

These keep coming thick and fast. For anyone to do more than 2 zines in 12 calendar months is a huge achievement. Positive creed is regular as you can be when you are doing it all yourself. Basic enough Interviews with the vibrators, cockney rejects and Chokin' Susan are supplemented by more wordy efforts from … Continue reading Positive Creed *23

Suspect Device *55

Suspect device * 55 So it's been around for 55 issues and says fuck the mainstream in the front cover. The rest I could leave up to you but I won't. Tony and fax have the same straightforward style since issue 1 and they aren't gonna change now. Why should they? It's not broke, it … Continue reading Suspect Device *55

The Ex – Festival Birmingham

This is such a great idea. Almost like a festival in a venue. 2 rooms, bands on mainly alternate times and 2 diverse styles on show. The ex room is one for expire mental musicians. Those not quite ready to conform to verse chorus style whilst the other is a full on musical onslaught, not … Continue reading The Ex – Festival Birmingham

Winnebago Deal – Bail Out

Winnebago deal Bail out. 3/4 of this ep has songs under 2 minutes. Blink and you might miss them but thankfully your aural senses will still be fresh and subsequently refreshed if you turn up the volume here. Recorded 7 years ago but sounds like it could have been yesterday . I missed Winnebago deal … Continue reading Winnebago Deal – Bail Out

Hope Show 57 – the lowdown

“The world Feels Lost and Broken Down Tonight” 1. Billy Bragg – Power in A Union 2. Avail – Tuning 3. Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy 4. Rvivr – The Seam 5. Hard Skin – Another Terrace Anthem 6. Christy Moore – Companeros 7. Benjamin Zephaniah – Things We Say 8. Carla Bozulich – … Continue reading Hope Show 57 – the lowdown

Personnel – ep review

Personnel ep dot dash records available here Shitty limits brought out an album of carefree punk rock a few years ago. Live they were great as they brought this two minute slabs to the stage. Sadly they were short lived but one of them has reappeared on personnel. The attitude hasn't changed. Brash. The sound … Continue reading Personnel – ep review