This weekends gigs: Jan 4 – 7

This weekends gigs in Dublin Jan 4 - 7 Vibe for Phillo - Whelans, jan 4 Kaleidoscope - Bello Bar, Jan 4 Post vibe for Philo - Whelans, Jan 5 Reggae for Housing in aid of Fr Peter McVerry Trust - Grand Social, Jan 5 Womens Christmas with KATIE KIM / MARIA KELLY / DOWRY … Continue reading This weekends gigs: Jan 4 – 7

Thursday Tunes: Control

First punk rock gig of the year is on Saturday in the Thomas House where Control play with Hooligan. This gig is rescheduled from December 1 - Johnny Cash - Hurt 2 - The Clash - Complete Control 3 - Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullaby 4 - Dead Kennedys - California Uber … Continue reading Thursday Tunes: Control

Thursday Tunes – Hooligan

This week it's the turn of Hooligan and Blue Carpet Band Guitarist Dave Linehan to pick 5 songs he's listening to at the moment. Lenny has a long history of playing in bands and is the young boy that has grabbed fame in a picture from Dandelion Market days in Dublin outside Advance Records. His … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Hooligan

This weeks gig – August 27 – Sept 1

It's a slow week this week, must be something to do with Electric Picnic festival in Stradbally that has everyone broke. Still Saturday night is promising with Stu Daly from Chewing on Tinfoil playing and 2 former Stiff Little Fingers in the form of XsLF playing with Hooligan in Drop Dead Twice. And of course … Continue reading This weeks gig – August 27 – Sept 1

This weeks gigs – March 12 – 19

As we are all preparing for St Patricks Day and hoping to void too much sham-rock I'm looking forward to Karl Blau in the Workmans Club. There is a clash on Paddy's night with a DSC Repeal Fundraiserin Bello Bar which has a great mix and the punk rock sounds of Hooligan, immaculate deception, turfboy, … Continue reading This weeks gigs – March 12 – 19

This Weeks Gigs – November 20 – 26

This weeks Gigs Nov 20  - 26 I remember the Redskins "You've never had it so good. The favourite phrase of those who've always had it better". That lyric has stuck with me so I will just say it's a great time to be living in Dublin and interested in punk or alternative music. There's … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – November 20 – 26

Hope Show 114 – the lowdown

Hope Show 114 - the lowdown Hope Show 114 1. The Catenary Wires - Intravenous 2. The Middle Ones - Young Explorer 3. Bis - Minimum Wage 4. Hooligan - No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs 5. Leatherface - Broken 6. The tickturds - Revolution 7. Wonk Unit - Wood Pigeon 8. Slaves - Sockets … Continue reading Hope Show 114 – the lowdown

This weeks News – August 31

This weeks news August 31 Instigators were a UK hardcore band who played Ireland in 1988. I remember being blown away by their onstage antics as singer Andy Turner used the wooden stage as a springboard. he moved trampoline like from amp to amp, corner to corner. Their first album was re-issued on Skuld last … Continue reading This weeks News – August 31

Hope show 32 – the lowdown

Hope Show 32 1 Torche - Walk It Off 2 Torche - Sky Trials 3 No Age - Defactor/ed 4 Goldblade - We're All in it together 5 Rudimentary Peni - The Curse 6 Rudimentary Peni - The Crime OF The Century 7 Hunx and his punx - You think You're Tough 8 Hooligan - … Continue reading Hope show 32 – the lowdown