Thursday tunes

Book Yer Ane Fest is a three-day celebration of DIY punk music and culture that aims to be a positive force while raising money and awareness for and support the great work of many great people and organisations within our community. Started as an all-dayer in a Perth pub in 2008, the evolution of Book … Continue reading Thursday tunes

A week of punk

"Punk rock saved my life", Derrick Johnston proclaimed one Monday night in the hut to an audience one could quite comfortably count with two hands and we knew exactly what he meant. My saving wasn't on the form of punk but it certainly shaped my life. So many decisions I make on a daily basis … Continue reading A week of punk

My Favourite Gig – Derrick Johnston

This is the eleventh in a series all taken from the Fanzine Hope *.2. The fanzine sees a collection of 70 contributors from the punk rock world.  All asked the same question What is Your Favourite Gig. The zine is €5 including postage to anywhere  It is a benefit for Pikpa Refugee Centre, Lesvos    Pay … Continue reading My Favourite Gig – Derrick Johnston

Hope Show 113 – the lowdown

Hope Show 113 1. Pup - reservoir 2. Pup - Dark Days 3. Down By Law - rebel Conformist 4. Bangers - The Pits 5. Maxwells Dead - Home 6. Black Flag - TV Party 7. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Computers Don't Have a Heartbat 8. Apes Brigade - The Interrogation of the Good 9. Protomartyr - … Continue reading Hope Show 113 – the lowdown

Hope Show 109 – the lowdown

Hope Show 109 - the lowdown Playlist 1. Youth Of Today - No More 2. Quicksand - Delusional 3. Custody - Stitches are all we have 4. The No Marks - Coming Around 5. World Be Free - Breakout or Busted 6. Allo' Darlin' - Silver Dollars 7. June Brides - Every Conversation 8. June … Continue reading Hope Show 109 – the lowdown

Label of the week – Make That a take

The tale of Make that a take records is very interesting. If they want to see a band play, they put on their own gigs, if they want a film about it they make their own film. If they want a festival with many of their favourite bands they make their own fest and finally … Continue reading Label of the week – Make That a take

This weeks news – August 17

Round Up - August 17 The post Rebellion blues really kick in I reflect on last weekends festival and get saving for 2016. The Temples festival intial line up for 2016 has been revealed. FIRST BANDS ANNOUNCED FOR JUNE 2ND-5TH, INCLUDING ALL PIGS MUST DIE, BONGRIPPER, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, GROUNDHOGS AND WEEKEND NACHOS. It has … Continue reading This weeks news – August 17