Protex Interview

Protex were one of the great pop-punk bands from Northern Ireland during the first rush of punk/new wave. To me they were just as exciting as the Undertones, SLF, the Outcasts and the brilliant Rudi. Don't get me wrong,I loved those bands, but I loved Protex just as much. I remember my brother buying me … Continue reading Protex Interview

Russ Bestley Interview. The Art of Punk

Russ Bestley has established a reputation as one of the great historians of popular music. His specific area is punk, post-punk and DIY music. The 2015 book, The Art of Punk which he co-authored with Alex Ogg is one of the best books ever written about popular music. It includes many of the most original … Continue reading Russ Bestley Interview. The Art of Punk

2015 Gigs of the Year: Heathers

Gigs of the Year Heathers Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology 15 September 2015 In mid-September, the sounds of both the veteran and new upstarts of punk rock were still fresh in my ears. The annual Blackpool Rebellion summer festival is a parade of punks that would be spectacular anywhere. Yet it is … Continue reading 2015 Gigs of the Year: Heathers