Play of the day: The Murderburgers

Play of the Day - The Murderburgers These are only problems Asian Man Records While we wait for the new album which is on the horizon for 2019 this record will have to do. Pop punk rock'n'roll for you to dance the last few days of 2018 to. Kind of like NOFX without the snotty … Continue reading Play of the day: The Murderburgers

Rebellion 2018 – Day 3

Rebellion 2018 - day 3 So it’s just past noon and the first band of the day are murderburgers. The room is packed, we are all ready for the Scottish pop punk sound. Short snappy songs and a great start to the third day. The Gakk from Dundalk opened up the pavillion stage. Rebellion is … Continue reading Rebellion 2018 – Day 3