Thursday Tunes. Guest DJ: Paddy McPoland

Thursday’s Tunes Guest DJ: Paddy McPoland You want some folk with your punk, punk? When Paddy McPoland was asked to list his five favourite Irish singles, naturally he delivered a list of 15! We like rulebreakers here at the Hope fanzine, so here is Paddy’s list in full. What is interesting is how it spans … Continue reading Thursday Tunes. Guest DJ: Paddy McPoland

Rebellion 2014 Day 4

Rebellion 2014 day 4 It's always good to talk and listen so Ian glasper told us his story around his punk books. Great to hear the tales behind the book and its reason for existence joey shithead is with terry chimes and Patrik Fitzgerald so missed his interview but I got to see 16 guns … Continue reading Rebellion 2014 Day 4