Rebellion 2017 Barstool Preachers

Barstool Preachers These raucous Londoners remind me a little bit in places of Yellowcard, one of the best of the Warped post-2000 acts. They play an audience-pleasing blend of Pulverising anthemic punk rock. The So Cal punk sound repurposed for English singalongs. I really like the ska bursts in their set with the organ giving … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 Barstool Preachers

Rebellion 2017 Soap Girls

  Soap Girls The most under-dressed act. Not surprisingly many of the older punters seemed to like that. Some members of the audience felt compelled to walk up and slap them on the bottoms...the price you pay for art these days? The type of act most people would rather see than listen to. Enough said.

Rebellion 2017 The Pukes

The Pukes The Pukes always make me smile. They are the perfect band for a good time. And the acoustic stage can be a great venue to appreciate bands who can make a point, raise a laugh and even inspire a good old fashioned pub singalong. They played 'Johnny got himself a wife' 'Down by … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 The Pukes

Rebellion 2017 Toyah

Toyah The punks were out in full force for this one; proof that Toyah has a lasting appeal for the people who were teenagers when she was at her commercial peak in the early 1980s. The Opera House venue was packed, and there was something very appropriate about Toyah playing for the punk gathering in … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 Toyah

Rebellion 2017 M.D.C. Acoustic

MDC Hearing MDC always takes me back to the days when I first came across them with Mick 'Mohawk' McCaughan and Barry Cooke. They were one of the bands I listened to most when Mick was the Ents Officer in Trinity in 1984-1985. They proved that low-resource black and white photocopied punk (think fanzines/Maximum Rock'n'Roll) … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 M.D.C. Acoustic

Rebellion 2017 TV Smith Adverts

TV Smith plays the Adverts TV Smith is always a complete and total highlight of Rebellion for me. Tonight he doesn't disappoint even though he is playing the outdoor stage where naturally the sound is not as condensed as the indoor venues. I completely love the first Adverts album. Funnily enough, it reminds me of … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 TV Smith Adverts

Rebellion 2017 Bad Religion

Bad Religion These punk rock giants stride like a colossus over the modern scene. What is most astonishing is how long they've held that lofty position. To me, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and the Rollins Band, seemed to define the evolution of punk in the US into a commercial form that could not only draw … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 Bad Religion

This weeks news September 14

This weeks news September 14 Now that was a good week for gigs - Jello with Guantanamo School of Medicine on a bill with Sissy and Paranoid Visions last Wednesday in the Button Factory. And then two days later the Ex in Whelans. Something else. Spolied for choice again this week with Danko Jones, Sissy … Continue reading This weeks news September 14

Hard Skin – The One That Got Away 7″

Hard Skin The Ones That Got Away / The Bovver Boys Don't Bother Anymore JT Classics New 7" from everones favourite anti fascist skinhead punk band. Musicall they take all the best Oi tunes flavoured with cockney accents, as that was the language of the Oi scene. This is a double A-sided 7" in true … Continue reading Hard Skin – The One That Got Away 7″

Rebellion 2014 – Day 3

Rebellion 2014 day 3 There's just so much to get through at this festival even as I arrive today For instance Hannah rickard and the relatives playing their doo wop rockabilly or Louise Distras discussing here career to date The literary stage had a great lineup his afternoon. The clashes first drummer Tory crimes (better … Continue reading Rebellion 2014 – Day 3