Terror of Modern Life


The Terror of modern Life

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13 slabs of modern day Punk rock is presented to us here in the form of Goldblade’s new album. This band have been touring worldwide since 1995 with a work ethic that is second to none. Give them a gig and a chance to get to it and the men from Manchester (or at least living there) will do their damndest to make it.

It’s been 5 years since their last album, Mutiny, but in that intervening period they have played in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and singer John Robb manages to turn up almost weekly on television discussing some aspect of music.

This album is a punk rock bespectacled look at the world these days. From Brother Johns succint observations to Brothers Keith and Pete’s manic riffs to Brother Robs frantic drumming we are served up a fast punk lesson. Listening to the drone like title track and the Membranes esque bass driven sound of tracks like Shaman is Coming and hey You Elastic Face gives an insight to the bands record collection. It’s like a history lesson of independent music, part Killing Joke, part Clash, but in no part trad Rock this takes us on a journey through popular music culture.

Goldblade’s real value has been in their live shows which are an anarchic mix of rebel rousing choruses and the antics of lead singer John Robb. However this album has brought us a step closer to that experience. I’ve been using it as a soundtrack to my jogging. Plenty of speed to keep me going but not too fast for me to loose pace. And then there’s the singalong bits “Psycho Takes A Holiday” and “Sick/Tired” notable ones, however if you see an aging man jogging down the street, grinning and singing “We’re All In It Together” don’t run away from me….


Rebellion 2013 – day 4

Rebellion 2013 day 4

The problems with doing stuff on your phone means you can lose hours of material. Don’t know how but my early descriptions of the day have vanished. I had written about pros and cons of this festival!! All gone now, must be my pocket demon deleting the punk word. I had been taking notes as I went along but now half way through the day they’re gone. And when they’re gone they’re gone!

The adolescents played their tuneful hardcore to a crowd that had been treated to strictly hardcore by Goldblade previously. Goldblade played a riotous gig. You are always guaranteed a show from brother john on vocals but they were in great form today asking people to testify to the power of rock’n’roll.


The stitches preceded them. I knew nothing about the stitches before today and bar for the purpose of this blog I don’t think I will be actively seeking them again. From la, around since the mid 90’s they were kind of comic punk to me.

Channel 3 before them were so much better. Also from la and around a decade longer they have the interesting attribute of being the only American band on an punk and disorderly compilation

The art of punk is a great book by russ Bentley and Alex ogg. They spoke about the pain of putting it together today. Alex and russ told how it was a labour of low over 18 months and the result is an extremely compressive display of artwork from punk through all stages.

Bizarre bizarre is the aptly named venue for the pukes, an 18 piece ukelele band playing punk covers. You can’t but be entertained by that.

tsol are banged out a rocking hardcore sound. Its amazing, Tshirt sales are happening everywhere as Merch takes on as much importance for some as the songs on offer. After listening to what Russ and Alex said regarding design I have taken to looking around the room at all the band branding we are so used to, logos of the subhumans, black flag, cock sparer and the Ramones are everywhere.

Can’t say that there were too many t-shirts of the nightingales in the crowd although they did have some stuff on sale. Their indie sound featured a sparse crowd. Shame as their riff laden angular pop is a good respite form gimp fist who are working class and proud. Oi oi, for sure

The quirky acoustic sounds of billy liar beckoned. One man and his guitar with a difference. Then it was back to the noise.

Fucked up are from Toronto. I saw them with gallows a couple of years ago and hated their on stage persona. I didn’t want to exchange sweat with their lead singer but maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m the sort of person that likes to go to see a comedian and not get singled out. I pay in not to provide the entertainment. However in the safety of the balcony seats I saw everyone buying into the fucked up regime. Tight hardcore sound. Some great songs as the singer tries to personally greet everyone in the audience lots of hugs but no missiles thrown which was the case last time. Deadly.

I ludicrous are the chalk to fucked ups cheese. Much like the nightingales earlier they come from the indie world of clean riffs and angular rhythms, much like the nightingales there were very few to share the experience with them.

Roughneck riot had a great energy about them. They were competing against awful sound. I know they’ve a ukelele and accordion and banjo but heard none of it. Lots of guitar, bass and drums energy though

The Bronx are from California, they have a rockier sound than fucked up with singing rather than screaming. There’s a similarity in extroverted vocalists adding to the spectacle. Me? I was glad if a seat to be honest but my head was bopping along and the knowledgeable crowd were enjoying it

Again it was a tale of two sounds as lene lovich took to the bizzare bizzare stage. Bizarre it certainly is, new wave sound with keyboard and that distinctive voice I hadn’t heard in nearly 30 years. Still as strong as ever and the 300 capacity crowd lapped it up.

Tv smith is part of the rebellion decor and he only played once this time. His acoustic set was jammed and he never disappoints so why stray now. I dipped in and out of his 90 minute set

Peter hook used to be in band called joy division (ever hear of them?) he then went to new order (maybe you know them?). Tonight he played unknown pleasures. Unknown pleasures!!!! What an album, and more! some amazing bass hooks in those songs

Jello Biafra has been rallying against the establishment since the dead Kennedys were a dream. He kept it going tonight with his Guantanamo school of medicine set. Powerful. Even some dead Kennedys songs thrown in for extra special good measure. It is heartening to see such a performance and we can only hope that the man is as good as his words and really wants to work with people to make this a better place to live. For an hour tonight Blackpool was a better place to be

Sham 69 were the last band on this marathon 4 days. My first experience with sham was Hurry up Harry. I got the that’s life album as a present and could recite it word for word. It didn’t take much to slip back into this memories tonight. 3000 people screaming George Davis is innocent 35 years on.

Whilst we were screaming about Angels with dirty faces Roddy radiation of specials fame was playing on a different stage with his moon stompers and discharge were discharging their speed core to another thousand people.

What a weekend

Rebellion 2013 day 3

Rebellion 2013 – day 3

The day started with Goldblade acoustic. This was a rebellious affair in hmv as the brothers spread their gospel to the assembled believers gathered in the record store. An entertaining and uplifting performance. We all believe in the power of rock and roll and now know we are in it together.

I took a break to catch my other fave culture, football in the guise of Blackpool v Barnsley. A surprising number of rebellion wristbands were in the crowd and saw such drama at bloomfield road. Both teams look like they are players short of taking the championship by storm but Blackpool waited til the 93rd minute before having their first attempt on target. The fact that it was a knock on by a Barnsley player from a pool throw in hardly seemed to matter. 1-0 Blackpool, top of the league 🙂

Anarcho night in rebellion then on the stage with Jaegermeister backdrops. Lost cherrees are a strange bunch. I’m not sure what to make of it all. I have all their records which are urging equality for all and respect for animals but when they are onstage they may as well be singing about Blackpool result. Actually maybe not as that would require feeling. There is no connection or attempt to connect with the audience. We are certainly not in it together or so it seems when lost cherrees are on stage. Which is a real shame as they have some great songs

Hagar the womb are a band I well remember. Their funnerry in a nunnery 12′ was on high rotation for a while in Donnycarney. The female vocalists still shine through, although it is kind of funny watching them read the lyrics on stage

Steve ignorant will forever be associated with anger. No escaping it, he was the lead singer of crass. The ultimate in anger and channelling it positively. His new venture is him with a keyboard and guitarist and stories in between It is great to see Steve evolving. Paranoid visions have have assisted in that process but to see him here with a his own songs and singing like he means it is empowering. “Scream, I’m alive, I’m alive”

Charlie harper is most definitely still alive and singing with the uk subs. They are a keen annual favourite at rebellion and won’t disappoint the thousands of people watching them tonight. Other perennial players, paranoid visions are on at the same time. this effects their crowd but not their performance. Deko, ever the showman, is at home on stage here. Still doesn’t care

Funny that the 3 regular bands are all clashing, citizen fish were nearly over but I caught a couple of their ska fuelled tracks and the crowd were happily singing along “let’s get angry, lets get mad”

Zounds were on next. 3 piece with songs as fresh as when they were released in the 80s and just as relevant now.

Hard skin are the ultimate anti fascist band. If you know them you will know the irony and hopefully you get it. If you buy into them it’s great, the best oi band in the world!

The mob were the best band for me at last years festival. They are close contenders again. The surprise of last years excellence wasnt there but they didn’t disappoint one bit. It’s that haunting sound which takes you in.

Out of a sense of loyalty I chose the outcasts above cockney rejects. I know their guitarist quite well (he wasnt an original member) and so I wanted to see petesy in action. I was too young when the outcasts were leaving a trail of destruction (or more to the point punks who went to see them in the magnet) at their gigs in Dublin in 1980 but have listened to them plenty. Always better live than on record the songs are strong and still have it, great reaction for them here tonight.

To me the rezillos were fortunate in their timing. They had snappy so gs and a good image with Faye on vocals. I love that first album. I’m not sure of their relevance within punk, I’ve never heard em say anything of substance. Is that harsh? Maybe but compared to the Ruts who were on next?

Ruts DC know adversity. Malcolm Owen the singer for the ruts died of a heroin overdose in tragic circumstances. The band continued as ruts Dc for a while but fizzled our as the pain of their lead singers demise was too much. They got back together when another member, Paul Fox contracted cancer and there was a benefit for foxy. He lost that battle so the band got together in memory of their departed ones. Their dub inspired punk will always live on. Again a highlight for me. It was over 12 hours since gold blade kicked off proceedings but I was still bopping along to Babylons burning and staring at the rude boys. Remarkable band


Hope Show 31 – the lowdown

Hope show 31 – playlist
1. Theatre of Hate – Do you believe in the Westworld
2. Mice – Jess
3. Middle Ones – O.M.C.
4. Allo Darlin – Silver Dollars
5. Fugazi – Break
6. Deathfix – Dali’s House
7. The Shorts – Bring Me the head of Bear Gryllis
8. Pilger – dissatisfied
9. Geoffrey Oicott – Cricket Bat Out of hell
10. Flies On You – Shipmansesque
11. The Fall – Jam Song
12. Torche – Snakes Are Charmed
13. Good Luck – Contact
14. The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
15. Dauntless elite – It Takes A Ship To Sail
16. Southport – Kings
17. Glimmermen – Travellin’ Man
18. The Flatliners – July! August! Reno!
19. Black Flag – TV Party

lowdown on tonight’s show

I will never forget when theatre of hate played in mcgonagles in dublin. I looked on with such jealously when my brothers left my home to go out that night. I pleased with them to take me and to my mam to pretend that i was 5 years older and let me go. It was not to be. Do You believe in the westworld is from a greatest hits/best of album and is a great introduction to kirk and his troops.

Im not sure where this mice album has come from. Thats the probelme with downloads. It is a collection of peoples names, I played Jess but it could have just as easily been dan or diane. All I have is the Mice_album. Maybe you know more.

I saw the Middle Ones play with Allo Darlin’ in London a couple of years ago. I was delighted to see their tape release rececntly and it is a joyous adventure. As are Allo Darlin . Silver Dollars is a great song that sums up my attitude to music. “We do it because we love it”

Fugazi need absolutely no introduction. In the week when Minor Threat t-shirts are now on sale in Urban Outfitters and stories are doing the rounds about Ian McKayes worth being $25million (he didn’t accummulate that by not buying Minor Threat t-shirts did he?), it is worthe remembering the legacy Fugazi havbe left on independent music. A hugely important and positive leegacy

Deathfix feature Brendan Cany from Fugazi. It is his new venture and of course it is on Dischord. Dali’s House is 8 minutes long. Imagine that 1 song – 8 minutes.

Thankfully the shorts bring us back to earth with a short sharp 1 minute 2 second ditty from their new 7″ out now on Suspect Device records, followed swiftly by Pilger, The shorts predecessors

Keeping with the short sharp punk is Geoffrey Oicott (Cricket) Bat Out Of Hell is a clever name for a song so why not play it…… In the next few weeks I will have an interview with Aston from Boss Tuneage so no doubt we will talk about geoffreys perceived humour

Flies On You have a new ep out, re-mixes of songs from their album mainly. They did their first gig last week and by all means it was a success

The Fall played McGonagles a week after Theatre of Hate. Who’d have thought they’d be going 30 years later with a new album

Torche are playing Dublin soon . I’m lookiong forward to it,this album kind of reminds me of Seaweed.

I stumbled across Good Luck’s Without Hesitation album a few weeks ago. I was in All ages Records and it said they were ex-weakerthans. That and being on No IDea was a good introduction. I wish I wasn’t two years too late with this album. It’s class. Buy it

Weakerthans are Canadian and have a charm about them. I saw them in manchester a few years ago and they were delightful. Pop songs sung with a conscience, always a hit.

The Dauntless Elite should get more attention than they do. Their two albums have both got great songs. It Takes a ship to sail is from the graft lp.

I love the new Southport album . It is a great accompaniment on the bike journey to work. when there’s no podcasts to fill my head Southern Sould is there to fill the gap. Kings is one of 11 winners on the album

Glimmermen are releasing their new lp next week. if you’re around support them. I won’t be as I will be punking it out at rebellion but if i was close by I would be there for sure. I am very much looking forward to seeing the flatliners there. I will be screaming shouting and wishing the world was a better place.

Hope show Number 12

A new show has just gone up. I’ve gone international in ecognition of workers rights around the globe. De Kift from Netherlands complement Against Me, Screeching Weasel, Henry Rollins and Kimya Dawson from the States. UK is represented by Brightons Cat on Form, Cardiff’s Four Letter Word, Sunderlands Leatherface, Bristols Discharge, Caernarfons Anhrefn and Barkings Billy Bragg. I also had to play the Members as they are playing Dublin soon. Japan is there because Go hail from there (not to be confused with the Go! from California who played Ireland on June 1 1991 . Irelend is truly represented by Messiah J and the Experts and tempermental Miss Elayneous.



This is the 12th show. It seems a lot more but hope ya like

1. De kift – wee Mij
2. Against Me – Sink FLorida Sink
3. Cat on Form – Set them on fire with their own matches
4. Four Letter Word – Crimewave
5. Leatherface – Melody Lee
6. Discharge – Protest and survive
7. Anhrefn & One Style MDV – Bankrobber
8. Billy Bragg – There is Power in a union
9. Temper-Mental Misselayneous – Proletrain Restitution
10. Messiah J and The Experts – Seven Cups of coffee and a slice of Apple Strudel
11. Henry Rollins – Black Coffee
12. Go – Pay for it
13. members – sound of the suburbs
14. Screeching Weasel – Hey Suburbia
15. Kimya Dawson/Antsy Pants – Tree Hugger