Garry Borland RIP

It is with shock that we are hearing about the death of the lead singer from Heav Drapes. They played Amsterdam rebellion last weekend and within a couple of days Garry Borland was dead. It weas numbing to read the news. Wild hearted outsider interviewed them here last year after seeing them in Blackpool. We … Continue reading Garry Borland RIP

Thursday Tunes – Wonk Unit

Punk never wants to know that punk could be redefined and still stay punk, the genre has held its own from its origin and anything that's not punk, well it just isnt punk, until now... Enter Wonk Unit, a 21st Century punk band that brings the present into the stone set genre we all know … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Wonk Unit

Thursday tunes – Goodstock comes to dublin

In what must be one of the most positive moves from the Dublin alternatvie girlfriend the band have put together a great line up for Goodstock on Thursday. This was initially set as an antidote to the "Brand New" gig that has since been cancelled but was scheduled for the olympia on the same night. … Continue reading Thursday tunes – Goodstock comes to dublin

Thursday Tunes. Twenty of Another Kind 2 In 1979 the Polydor record label released a compilation album, Twenty of Another Kind, Part 2. In addition to some of the better know acts on Polydor at the time, The Jam, The Cure, Sham 69 and Gary Numan's Tubeway Army, it contained tracks from some of the most interesting acts of Ireland's punk/new … Continue reading Thursday Tunes. Twenty of Another Kind 2

Thursday tunes – book yer ane fest

Book Yer Ane Fest is a three-day celebration of DIY punk music and culture that aims to be a positive force while raising money and awareness for and support the great work of many great people and organisations within our community. Started as an all-dayer in a Perth pub in 2008, the evolution of Book … Continue reading Thursday tunes – book yer ane fest

Thursday Tunes Week 3

This weeks tunes are based in punk rock then and now. Radiators Under Clerys Clock Much has been written about the Radiators releasing TV Tube Heart 40 years ago. Pete Holidai talked about it here this week and although Under Clerys Clock isn't on that album it holds a special place in many people's … Continue reading Thursday Tunes Week 3

Thursday’s Tunes: Songs of Inspiration

Petrol Girls Touch Me Again Summer's almost over, sometimes we need a bit of a boost, a bit of inspiration to propel us into the colder months. This week’s playlist is a reminder of just how diverse and creative the music influenced and inspired by punk was, and is. There are some old classics … Continue reading Thursday’s Tunes: Songs of Inspiration

Thursday Tunes

Thursday tunes This week we have mostly been listening to Paranoid visions - Rebellion Prolific Irish punks have another record out in tribute to the great punk festival that is rebellion. Of course the songs aren't about the festival, instead they are songs of rage Get the new record here Bear Trade Bleedin' Heart Trouble … Continue reading Thursday Tunes