Play of the day: Bedford Falls

Play of The Day Bedford Falls In true punk rock co-operation Boss Tuneage, Brassneck and Deadbroke Records have teamed up to bring out the album from Bedford Falls. 6 years since the last record it continues with those fuzzed up guitars beloved of Husker Du or Donasaur Jnr. Top class and great to see the … Continue reading Play of the day: Bedford Falls

Play of the day: Autonamads

Play of The Day Autonamads I was hoping to get to see Autonomads on their recent Irish tour with captain hotknives but the real world kicked in and I couldn't get out. Their "One day All This Will be Gone was a great collection of Citizen Fish esque punk. The new record has more of … Continue reading Play of the day: Autonamads

Who are the Young Conservatives

Young conservatives Non exist Total recall records Fast and frenetic but not altogether memorable this is a solid release. 5 songs of angry thrashy hardcore. There’s bits of articles of faith in here which is certainly no bad thing. There is little information in the sleeve but the internet tells me “Young Conservatives. Not young. … Continue reading Who are the Young Conservatives

Maid of Ace S/t

Maid of ace s/t Shamefully I have to say I was sceptical when I saw maid of ace for the first time. How can a band be this good and I have heard nothing of them? Not only was I unaware of their existence but the fact that the four siblings from Essex hadn't … Continue reading Maid of Ace S/t

USA Nails – Sonic Moist

USA Nails Sonic Moist Smalltown America 10 slabs of discordant and manic noise. Cries of Drive Like Jehu or Circus Lupus, where you have screams, noise, tunes and manic playing. This is so good. They played Dublin late lat year and selfishy I can't believe I wasn't there. I hope you made it. It's full … Continue reading USA Nails – Sonic Moist

Epic Problem – Lines EP

Epic Problem Lines EP So how do you like your music? It's a pretty hard question to answer isn't it? Me, I like it all ways. Depends on the mood I suppose. I can take redneck manifesto or god is an astronaut and their post rock instrumental offerings. I can take flies on you and … Continue reading Epic Problem – Lines EP

Caves – Betterment

Caves Betterment Bombed Out Records Caves are one of a number of great uk hardcore bands doing the rounds these days. Ironically In the disposable era of music it is hard for any scene to flourish. In times gone by we would be writing to each other and using word of mouth to clump bands … Continue reading Caves – Betterment

Stay Clean Jolene Green 7″

Stay Clean Jolene - Green 7' Just Say No To Government Music I love checking out new music. it's even better when I like it, makes it all the more worthwhile. I knew nothing about Stay Clean Jolene before I got this 7". It is on the excellent Just Say No To Government Music label, split … Continue reading Stay Clean Jolene Green 7″