Play of the day – A Page of Punk

A page of punk / werewolves on motorcycles split 7”Drunken sailor records Sometimes I cycle to work, I would like to do it more but events tend to conspire against me at the best of times. It’s great heading in (better heading home) and going at a nice sedentary speed listening to whatever podcast or … Continue reading Play of the day – A Page of Punk

Thursday Tunes Week 3

This weeks tunes are based in punk rock then and now. Radiators Under Clerys Clock Much has been written about the Radiators releasing TV Tube Heart 40 years ago. Pete Holidai talked about it here this week and although Under Clerys Clock isn't on that album it holds a special place in many people's … Continue reading Thursday Tunes Week 3

Rebellion 2017 – Day 4

And so it drifts to a close, we may want it to go for ever but most bodies can't take the pace. There is a world out there to return to, families and friends to be cherished and minds to change. Again Rebellion has been a cracker, my years of animosity towards this festival were … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 – Day 4