This Weeks gigs: Nov 15 – 21

This weeks assortment of live gigs in Dublin - aAre we walking around deluded as we trundle towards another lockdown and rising numbers of cases of Covid? maybe, maybe not but catch the following while you can

This weeks gigs Nov 8 – 14

Nice to see some DIY gigs sprinting back up alongside bands who have been starved of their live music livelihood. So the big sound of black midi and Frank Turner will be here this week. For me though it’s the excitement of Chewing on Tinfoil finally happening after three postponements. They have the sweet emotion … Continue reading This weeks gigs Nov 8 – 14

Another week closer to familiarity

At some stage this will be a reflection on the journey of the past 7 days without some paranoid thoughts about a virus I knew nothing of 2 years ago. At some stage. But for now it’s existence is at the forefront of most peoples minds as we tiptoe back into what was the familiarity … Continue reading Another week closer to familiarity

Play of the day the sands aren’t shifting

Quicksand have returned to our record stores and turntables A swift 4 years after their first album in 22 years. With a gatefold album full of colourful artwork Distant Populations is a continuation of that post metal post hardcore sound the band are famous for. It stops it starts, the guitars sway and make layers of sound. Walter's vocals are layered too and it helps with the overall feel. This is a band still on top of their game 31 years after they first chugged onto our radar.

Play of the day – hopefully it’s an almond milk bath

Milk BathMilk Bathdifferent kitchen records A triple label collaboration across the western globe sees different kitchen records take the European leg alongside World of hurt in the States and Naked Time taking cassette duties. This is punk rock, plain and simple. The band are more interested in sending Love to the Lower Bottoms West Oakland … Continue reading Play of the day – hopefully it’s an almond milk bath

Another week in Covid times

No going back was their theme as we look to build a better world that is now emerging. Motions were discussed that will become the policy of the trade union movement over the next 2 years, it is an opportunity for us to look at his way have evolved and really question what is the best direction?