This weeks Dublin gigs: Sep 12 – 17

As the schools and colleges head back and darker nights descends it it still relatively quiet on the gigs front but the big one this week is Stu Daly with Erica Freas and Sinead White upstairs in Whelans. Stu is the guitarist in Chewie, Erica has been in loads of bands including RVIVR. Enemies in the Button Factory the following night will be a bonus for all those who spent time going to gigs in Kilcoole in the late 2000's. The band are getting back together after a hiatus of about 15 years. For those looking for some introspection to their music Foggy Notions are bringing over Lael Neale to the Workmans Club on Thursday

Play of the day shoots the messenger

It is heartfelt and strangely engaging with a lovely shot at the end and in the background there's a building with some grafitti on it. That grafitti reads "AntiFa - KIEZ". just the sort of good news you want to see and see spread.

Play of the day – Fabled Minds

Musically it is very much like Propogandhi putting such an album together in a slightly slower down Bad Religion disguise. 13 well written and thoroughly thought through songs with beats, guitars and not too Much shouting going on.

Play of the day is lethal

A lethal Black Ooze are trying their best for consistency, consistency in releases and sonic capture. They have that garage sound, vocals low in the mix and deep down and dirty sound. New single out now, join in

Play of the day are sisters (or maybe they aren’t)

SistersFeet In the groundSpartan records Any band that describes themselves as minor threat being recorded through a queen of the stone age machine is bound to pique my interest. I get a good sprinkling of the latter here but little of the former. It’s a layered Cure-esque sound being recorded through that Queens machine. Layers … Continue reading Play of the day are sisters (or maybe they aren’t)

Play of the day has arrived

My tears are flowing, my throat has a lump in it that makes it difficult to breathe but like an addict I need this music. It is achingly gorgeous and will heal. Dive in and take the medicine, Patrick has laboured through grief and loved to provide this vaccine for you.

Play of the day from the artist known as S/J

Aw man I’m in floods here. An acoustic scorcher with the theme of one father singing about his son. Singing about some of the troubles they face but underneath it all is an undying love as he looks to the future.