Play of the Day – Bangers

Play of the day - bangers Bird Specialist subject records Guitar terrorists, Bangers, decommissioned their instruments a couple of years ago but we still have the memory of three albums.  Bird was their final one and saw the band singing tunes for you to just enjoy listening to. I never tire of them. 

Play of the Day – Lemuria

Play of the day - lemuria Recreational Hate Big Scary Monsters /Asian Man records / turbo worldwide  A pure blast of sensible pop music. This is what pop music should be.   No need for any more words, have a listen for yourself

Play of the day – Ex hex

Play of the day - exhex 2nd album form is indie rock band ex hex. It is a power pop rock journey. I was reminded of this band by listening to a recent turned out a punk podcast that interviewed Mart Timony. Mary was in autoclave and helium and has been plodding this mid paced … Continue reading Play of the day – Ex hex

Book of the Week – 5 steps to a winning mindset

5 steps to a winning mindsetWhat sport can teach us about great leadershipDamian HughesMacMillan Press 5 S.T.E.P.S SimplicityThinkingEmotional intelligence PracticalStory telling For anything to change someone needs to start acting differently. Leaders bring out the most in their team. Like the all blacks mottos “pass the jersey on in a better state than you got … Continue reading Book of the Week – 5 steps to a winning mindset

This Weeks Gigs – Oct 14 – 20

One big gig in Dublin this week is the tribute to David Berman. David Berman, pavement hero of the Silver Jews and the comeback king of Purple Mountains, passed on August 7. He left behind a corduroy suit made of a hundred gutters, jagged skylines of car keys, 50,000 beer cans and a wild kindness. … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – Oct 14 – 20

Play of the Day : Get It Together

Get It TogetherLive FreeMake That A Take Fast paced sing along hardcore from Scotish punks Get It Together. They want to "live a life free of persecution" and are ready to scream about it. A metal free Propagandhi sound but with a hark back to fast pure hardcore in the old New York crew tradition. … Continue reading Play of the Day : Get It Together

Book of the week – Notes from a nervous planet

Notes from a nervous planet Matt haigPenguin How can we live in a mad world without going mad. Every thing is faster than it used to be. Our concerny about the future slows us down. So many things to worry about in a world full of pain. We are living twice as long and have … Continue reading Book of the week – Notes from a nervous planet

Play of the day: Deafkids

"We must unite and resist against the violent symbols of oppression, including what's imprinted on our own self, that must be daily sacrificed. Do not allow yourself to be programmed." Listening to this record is a starting point. Don't accept music as just being three chords and the truth there can be a whole lot more to it

Play of the Day – Ineptitude

Honest ThievesIneptitudeBrassneck Records Guitars exploding everywhere in the vein of iron Chic or Hot Water Music. The songs have hooks a plenty, anthems rising and sing along chorus. it's high octane punk rock at its glorious best