In Concert

A selection of favourite gig memories from Irelands music community in aid of Irish Red Cross. When we first saw the heartbreaking pictures from Aleppo we reached out to those people we know best, our friends in the music community.  Six months ago Hope *2 came out. This featured contributions from those in the punk community in an effort to raise money for pikpa lesvos centre. We held back on many contributions from the Irish music scene as we felt it would be nice for this group to extend their support. The results are In Concert. Whilst there are many more who could and deserve to be included we feel this can help form part of a ‘secret history’ of the irish music scene.

Kalandra are drawing the Line

Kalandra The Line NorseMusic Kalandra is an alternative Nordic pop band spearheaded by three Norwegian musicians weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes. Alternativel they are know as alternative pop. Or so says their promo. I've always wondered what that term means. Alternative to pop maybe? Does that mean rock? Kalandra may rock … Continue reading Kalandra are drawing the Line

Cork Metallers The Grief Continue their “Descent” into your ears

Following on from their "Ascent" ep earlier this year Cork Doomsters The grief are ready to inject more noise into your ears. This time it is with the release of their Descent ep. 5 tracks of doom influenced metal, sounding sharp and powerful. It's available electronically in all the following formats Spotify - Bandcamp - iTunes - Facebook - YouTube - … Continue reading Cork Metallers The Grief Continue their “Descent” into your ears