Play of the day tries to bring us some culture

Long Beach, CA hardcore outfit '92 have released their debut single "Culture" on Rude Records. It sees the 5-piece blazing a hardcore storm bringing us to that hardcore era of three decades ago.

Play of the day is a live Vision

While the record doesn't quite convey the anarchic mess that sometimes their gigs can be and it doesn't capture Deko at its rawest spitting venom at the audience and throwing caustic remarks at professions and politicians. It does capture the melody in many of their songs and has Aoife and Deko's voice at a level that isn't competing with the instruments.

Play of the day is twenty years for Twenty 2

TWENTY2 was a very active live band from 1999 to 2007, playing shows & touring with many fellow hardcore melodians, The Dudes of Hazzard is now available for download and pre-order on vinyl

Play of the day shaped like a melon

"It's at least comforting and often even life-saving to know that you're not alone, that you're not the only person feeling overwhelmed by injustice, abuse of power and all the shit that happens everywhere, but that you're among like-minded people who share the same attitude and morals."

Play of the day is burning through

Three years since Burnt Tapes have released some music and they return with Hannah Hermione Greenwood on Vextra vocal duties. this time round it's a look into many of the darker emotions happening. Emotions that we can't ignore but need each other to help get through them.

Play of the day is not Hollow

When they are left along as songs they can be singalong numbers like the poppier end of Jeff Rosenstock and I find my head nodding along aggressively and looking forward to the next bridge. When he raps it gets a bit too samey but there's no doubting MacDonalds credentials. 6 pop punk songs with a but a rap that are emotionally heartfelt for the player and the listener

Play of the day puts some extraa in your life

Extraas second album is now out for your delight, and as people put their phones in their pockets alighting the train for their days trivialities I wish they had some extraa in them for the day. It would help.

Play of the day gives me hope

86 hope are a three piece band from St Augustine in Florida. A long way from Dublin. They have a lo-fi production in a country punk vein. They will never be playing stadiums, will never have thousands of people singing along with one voice but there is something about this band and songs that resonates

Play of the day isn’t dead but alive with sound

It has a supporting caste of all his friends from his nomeansno days but this is far from a follow on. It's a new departure with a nod to the past. Like the way the world has moved on since those diy days it is still relevant to our everyday lives and this is one record to put on loud and enjoy.