Play of the day steeped in blood

Blood robots were a four piece band from the north east of England. They were going from 1982 - 1984 after punk rock had exploded and was going into its third wave. Post punk had come after the first wave where bands used the idea of getting up and doing it themselves but concentrated on the rhythm and the isolation. It then evolved into different styles like veins in your arms heading in different directions.

Oh my lord it’s play of the day

The soundtrack for a person kidnapped, blindfolded and bound. You have been brought into a forest, you know as you can smell the wood and pine cone. You can feel the dampness that the tree protrude. The life of the forest. It's pitch black and you've no idea where you are or how to get anywhere.

Pollen remember when you were my friend

Pittsburgh punks have re-released their sophomore album, 'Crescent,' for the first time ever on vinyl, out now via Double Helix Records. These are songs full of pace change and structure to keep you thinking as they speed pop into your veins. We spoke with Drummer Bob Hoag about the experience

Play of the day ain’t no tourists

Despondency is a recurring theme in the record. (former) youth living in cities they don't wanna live in, working jobs they don't want under a regime they don't like. The perfect recipe for straight forward mid tempo punk rock.

Play of the day from the Blood of the sun

If the idea of spinning in a vortex as you move from one dimension to the next appeals then this could be your soundtrack. It drones, they are in no rush to finish their songs. The psychedelic fuzz of the songs repeat while the bass and drums provide a solid retentive background

Play of the day comes with the daylight

With all that sun shining instead of worrying about the effects the changing climate is having our planet and just before we burn to death, take a breath and listen to this joyous pop tune from the workday release.

Play of the day is the mutts nuts

This is the sound of pissed off workers clocking in for day jobs they don't want to get up for. A sound for people that wonder about the mindless alcohol fuelled violence of weekend binges while understanding why people seek escape.