Live and Direct – Elvis Costello

Costello and Steve Nieve curated a two hour set of classic songs over the past 4 decades. Nieve on keyboards, mouth organ and whatever you’re having yourself provided the perfect musical accompaniment as Elvis’s voice shone through at times. Shipbuilding had me close to tears along with beautiful versions of Veronika and She. 

Get on your bikes and nab this

While their future was unwritten at the time Chester and Barrett have created many glorious moments since getting off that bike but now the band have been able to get their recorded output and have it ready for the new way of listening. Available now to stream you can find it in all its glory on the usual mind numbing streaming services.

This Weeks Dublin Gigs: Oct 30 – Nov 5

New York No Wavers The BushTetras formed in 1979 and were active til around 1983. They reformed in 1985 for a while and recorded but didn't release their second album. They have been gigging on and off since. Guitarist Pat Place and Vocalist Cynthia Sley have remained constants while other members came and went. The … Continue reading This Weeks Dublin Gigs: Oct 30 – Nov 5

A statement from Lambrini Girls

Hello we are Lambrini Girls and have a new video called Boys IN the Band. trigger Warning this song is about abuse in the music scene. The reason we have a problem with abusers in our scene is that people don't call out their mates. if you don't call out your mates it perpetuates their … Continue reading A statement from Lambrini Girls

Play of the day is Me not T rex

Giant ElkMe RexBig Scary Monsters It's a bit folk, a bit indie and a bit post rock. ME Rex have just released a new 11 track album. Slow Worm opens it all up with an acoustic introduction but before long Infinity Worm pops it back into shape. Nice harmonies and plenty of lo-fi promise. Me … Continue reading Play of the day is Me not T rex