**First edition now sold out. Limited run of Second edition now available – Great Gig memories is a collection of Favourite Gigs. Recalling some gig memories from punks and their Friends. Reminding us of great times gone and great times to come. Celebrating Community, Solidarity and Hope. All proceeds go to NHS Charities Together.

Featuring over 200 contributions from bands such as UK Subs, The Ruts, Paranoid Visions, Crass, Gang of Four, The Cure, SLF, Rollins Band, Stano, Shudder To Think, DOA, Hagar The Womb, Crass, Vice Squad, The Vulpynes and so many more.


Great Gig Memories
From Punks and Friends

**Update December 8 2020** First edition now sold out. Limited run of second edition now available

For many of us going to gigs is how we socailise and celebrate our community. That has been taken from us as Corona Virus spread quickly across the globe. It was a virus that didn’t care about Community. Hospitals were overloaded. Morgues overflowed with victims. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time meant the virus spread throughout the globe. We felt helpless as we wished to see our loved ones but couldn’t for fear of infecting them. We felt a need to do something. Small. SO we reached out to the community we know best.

Great Gig memories is a collection of Favourite Gigs. Recalling some gig memories from Punks and their Friends. Reminding us of great times gone and great times to come. Celebrating Community, Solidarity and Hope. All proceeds go to NHS Charities Together.

Featuring over 200 contributions from bands such as UK Subs, The Ruts, Paranoid Visions, Gang of Four, The Cure, SLF, Rollins Band, Stano, Shudder To Think, DOA, Hagar The Womb, Crass, Vice Squad, The Vulpynes and so many more.

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Black Flag, the NHS London (Chuck Dukowski, Black Flag)

Jimi Hendrix, London 1967, (Knox, The Vibrators)

Jimi Hendrix, London 1967, (Charlie Harper, UK Subs)

Granny’s Intentions, Dublin, 1967, (Barbara Gogan, The Passions)

Bert Jansch, Bristol 1968, (John Perry, The Only Ones)

Bob Dylan, Isle of Wight 1969, (Hugh Friel, The Atrix)

Tyrannosaurus Rex, London 1970, (Pete Holidai, The Radiators From Space, Trouble Pilgrims)

Distance/Suicide/The Dogs, New York 1973, (Sonny Vincent, Distance, ‘Testors)

Alice Cooper, Liverpool 1975, (Greg Cowan, The Outcasts)

Led Zeppelin, London 1975, (Peter Makowski, The Snivelling Shits and Sounds journalist)

Bob Marley, London 1975, (JC Carroll, The Members)

The Wailers, Manchester 1975, (Fachtna O’Ceallaigh ex-manager Boomtown Rats, Bananarama, Sinead O’Connor)

Rory Gallagher, Belfast 1976, (Jake Burns, Stiff Little Fingers)

Dr Feelgood, Belfast 1976, (Aidan Murtagh, Protex)

The Ramones, London 1976, (Alvin Gibbs, UK Subs)

AC/DC London, 1976, (Steve Bruce, Cock Sparrer)

Punk Comes Knocking, London 1976, (John Eichler, proprietor, Hope and Anchor)

Sex Pistols, England 1976-1977, (Joolz Denby, author, artist, performer)

Sex Pistols/Albert Dock, Liverpool 1976, (Henry Priestman, The Yachts, It’s Immaterial, The Christians)

Acne Rabble AKA Sex Pistols, Middlesborough 1977, (Johny Brown, Band of Holy Joy)

Berlin/Slaughter and The Dogs, Liverpool 1976, (Paul Simpson, The Teardrop Explodes, The Wild Swans)

The Stranglers, London 1976-1977, (Arturo Bassick, The Lukers, 999)

Iggy Pop, Manchester 1977, (Roy White, White and Torch)

Dublin 1976-1977, (Philip Chevron, The Radiators From Space, The Pogues)

The Radiators from Space, Dublin 1977, (Jude Carr, Heat fanzine, Bad Karma Beckons)

The Members, London 1977, (Nick Tesco, The Members)

The Roxy, London 1976, (Rab Fallon, The Wall, The Pack, Patrik Fitzgerald, UK Subs)

Dublin, 1977-1978, (George Purdy, promoter, Dublin)

John McLaughlin/Shakti, Washington DC 1977, (Chris Haskett, Rollins Band)

XTC, London 1977, (Russell Mills, artist)

The Ramones/Talking Heads, London 1977, (Russell Mills, artist)

Penetration/Siouxsie and the Banshees/X-Ray Spex and many others, London 1977, (Bernie Furolong, The Golden Horde)

The Slits/The Raincoats, London 1977, (Russell Mills, artist)

Hammerheads, Hamilton 1976-1978, (Tom Wilson, artist, author, song-writer, Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings)

Folk Festival, Trier 1977, (Nick Burbridge, song-writer, The Crack)

The Ramones, London 1977, (Wendy May, Boothill Foot Tappers, DJ)

The Ramones, Ann Arbor 1977, (Roger Miller, Mission of Burma)

Blondie, New York 1977, (Ann Munday, senior vice president, general manager, Chrysalis Music America)

Deaf School, New York 1977, (Steve Lindsey, Deaf School)

The Heartbreakers, Stafford 1977, (Tom Crossley, The Phobics)

The Heartbreakers/Joby and the Hooligans, Brighton 1977, (Helen McCookery Book, The Chefs)

The Stranglers, Bangor 1977, (Rich Vernon, Peter Perrett band, Eddie and the Hot Rods, The Mission)

Cured by Punk, London 1977-1978, (Robert Mason, illustrator and writer)

The Clash, Dublin 1977, (Andy Keating, The Cathedral, Purdah, Complete Control)

The Clash, Dublin 1977, (Steve Averill, The Radiators from Space, SM Corporation, Trouble Pilgrims)

The Clash and The Jam, Dublin 1978, (Jake Reilly, The Blades)

The Jam/The Vipers, Dublin 1978, (Brian Foley, The Vipers)

The Stranglers, Cork 1977, (Elvera Butler, promoter, Cork, Reekus records label owner)

Cimarons, Ireland 1977-1978, (Locksley Gichie, The Cimarons)

DC Nien, Dublin 1977, (Brian Seales, DC Nien)

The Stranglers/Undertones, Portrush 1978, (Paul Charles, author, booking agent)

Tom Robinson Band, Dublin 1978, (Eoin Freeney, Chant! Chant! Chant!)

Birmingham 1978, (Stano, The Threat, artist, composer)

Buzzcocks/Revolver, Dublin 1978, (Phil Byrne, Revolver/Teen Commandments/The Reasons)

Carnival Against The Nazis. Patrick Fitzgerald, X-Ray-Spex ,The Clash ,Tom Robinson Band, Steel Pulse, London 1978, (Selwyn Brown, Steel Pulse)

Stiff Little Fingers, Dublin 1978, (Barry Cooke, Dead Fridge in the Road)

Patti Smith, Newcastle 1978, (Dunstan Bruce, Chumbawamba, Interrobang)

Elvis Costello, Dublin 1978, (Karl Tsigdinos, designer, DJ)

Dear Ringer and the Clones, Bangor 1978, (Neville Farmer, author)

The Clash, Dublin 1978, (Brian Walker, bookseller)

Magazine, Coventry 1978, (Paul Court, The Primitives)

Tom Robinson Band, Belfast 1979, (Buck, The Defects)

Public Image Limited, Manchester 1979, (Paul Hanley, The Fall)

Futurama, Leeds 1979, (Stan Erraught, The Stars of Heaven)

Wire, London 1979, (Russell Mills, artist)

Buzzcocks/Gang of Four, San Francisco 1979, (Hugo Burnham, Gang of Four)

Buzzcocks/Gang of Four, San Francisco 1979, (Jon King, Gang of Four)

The Ruts, Bradford 1979, (Justin Sullivan, New Model Army, Red Sky Coven)

The Angelic Upstarts, London 1979, (Garry Bushell, journalist)

The Clash, Negative Trend, The Zeros, San Fancisco 1979, (Hector Penalosa, The Zeros)

Ruefrex, West Belfast 1979, (Paul Burgess, Ruefrex)

ATV, London 1979, (Steve Lake, Zounds)

XTC, Dublin 1979, (Terry O’Neill, promoter)

Inspired by P.I.L., Dublin 1979, (Dave Long, Into Paradise)

Jock’s Punk Football Team, London 1979, (Jock McDonald, The Bollock Brothers)

The Cure, Australia & New Zealand 1980, (Laurence Tolhurst, The Cure)

The Scientists, Perth 1980, (Moist Paula Henderson, Moisturizer, James Chance and the Contortions, Lubricated Goat, Nick Waterhouse, Burnt Sugar Arkestra)

The Ramones, Dublin 1980, (Shay Hiney, The Strougers)

The Ramones, Dublin 1980, (Bitzy, The Strougers)

The Passions, NewPop Festival, Rotterdam, 1980, (Barbara Gogan, The Passions)

The dB’s, Stockholm 1980, (Peter Holsapple, The dB’s)

X/The Replacements, Cleveland 1980, (Craig Wedren, Shudder to Think)

Black Flag/D.O.A., L.A. 1980, (Joe Keighley, D.O.A.)

Black Flag, US 1980, (John Porcell, Judge, Youth of Today, Bold, Shelter)

The Only Ones, Newcastle 1980, (Martin Stephenson, The Daintees)

The 4” be 2”s/Microdisney, Cork 1980, (Sean O’Hagan, Microdisney, The High Llamas)

The Passage, Kristiansland 1981, (Richard Witts, The Passage)

Black Flag, New York 1981, (Jesse Malin, D-Generation)

The Kinks, Dublin 1981, (Ken O’Duffy, song-writer)

The Mekons, London 1981, (Karen Amsden, Hagar the Womb)

Poison Girls, Dublin 1981, (Peter Jones, Paranoid Visions, FOAD Records, Rotator Records)

Poison Girls, Belfast 1981, (Sean O’Neill, writer, co-author It Makes you Want to Spit)

Hanoi Rocks, London 1981, (Sami Yaffa, Hanoi Rocks)

The Clash, New York 1981, (Josh Cheuse, artist, designer, photographer)

Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, New York 1981, (Tav Falco)

Discharge, the Exploited, Anti-Pasti, Chron Gen, the Anti Nowhere League, London 1981, (Glynn Barber, Chron Gen)

Killing Joke/Aztec Camera/UK Decay/Charge, London 1982, (Russ Bestley, designer, author)

____ Dublin, January 1982, (Mark Curran, author)

The Cure, Zerra One, Europe 1982, (Paul Bell, Zerra One)

The Clash, Boston 1982, (Drew Stone, Antidote, filmmaker)

Atilla the Stockbroker, Australia (Atilla the Stockbroker)

The Sid Presley Experience, London 1983, (Del Bartle, The Sid Presley Experience, The Godfathers, The Unholy Trinity, The Citizens Of Nowhere, Credible Hulk Productions)

Serious Drinking, Dublin 1984, (Pete Saunders, Serious Drinking, Dexys Midnight Runners)

The Ramones/Black Flag, Los Angeles 1984, (Suzi Gardner, L7)

The Gun Club/The Crippled Pilgrims, DC 1984, (Bill Barbot, Jawbox)

Hüsker Dü, Iowa City1984, (Todd Colby, Drunken Boat)

The Smiths, Cork 1984, (Morty McCarthy, Sultans of Punk F.C., Pharmacy)

The Jesus and Mary Chain, London 1984, (Neil Taylor, author, C86 and All That)

The Ramones, Dublin 1985, (Eugene Lee, NHS worker)

Husker Du, London 1985, (Catherine McRae, art director, creative services manager, Virgin Records UK)

Five Go Down To The Sea?/Action Pact/ The Poison Girls, London 1985, (Ricky Dineen, Five Go Down To The Sea)

Government Issue/The Dead Milkmen/Uniform Choice, Cornhusker 1985, (Dan O’Mahony, No For An Answer, Carry Nation)

The Exactones, US 1985, (Dave Derby, the Exactones, The Dambuilders)

Green On Red, Dublin 1985, (Daragh McCarthy, The Babysnakes, The Mighty Avon Junior)

The Pogues, Dublin 1985, (Orla Lee-Fisher, music fan)

The Crack, Brighton 1986, (Jeremy Leveller, The Levellers)

Wilko Johnson, Dublin 1986, (Daragh McCarthy, The Babysnakes, The Mighty Avon Jr.)

The Very Things, London 1986, (John Fleming, writer)

Lightning Strike, US 1987, (Dave Earl, Lightning Strike)

God Told Me To Do It/Bad Dress Sense, London 1987, (Ed Wenn, The Stupids, Big Ray, Bad Dress Sense, The Stupids)

The Celibate Rifles, Dublin 1987, (Michael Connerty, Female Hercules)

The Ramones/The Celibate Rifles, Chicago Likely 1987, (Kent Steedman, The Celibate Rifles)

The Doughboys, Regina 1988, (Dave Bason, Barfbag)

The Angelic Upstarts, Berlin 1989, (Dave Linehan: Aidan Walsh & The Screaming Eagles/ Hooligan/ Foreign Legion/ The Blue Carpet Band)

Fugazi, Dublin 1989, (Mirian McGuirk, promoter, Dublin)

Soul Music at the Lone Star Cafes, (Roger Armstrong, Chiswick Records, Ace Records)

Bad Brains, Sick of it All, Utah 1989, (Richie Cipriano, Sick Of It All)

World Festival of Youth and Students, Pyong Yang, 1989, (Steve Drewett, Newtown Neurotics)

Soulside, East Berlin 1989, (Bobby Sullivan, Soulside)

Napalm Death/Extreme Noise Terror/Bolt Thrower/Carcass/Intense Degree, London 1989, (Miles Hackett, Dry Heave Records)

Pig Ignorance/Shred/Therapy?, Dublin 1990, (Valerie Kirby, promoter, Dublin)

Blyth Power, Berlin 1990, (Joseph Porter, Blyth Power)

Slayer, Nottingham late 1980s, Tool, Nottingham 1993, (Steve Pod, Vanilla Pod, Menshevik)

The Dickies, Cardiff 1990, (Kip Xool, Cowboy Killers, Bad Sam)

Buzzcocks/Celibate Rifles, Gold Coast 1990, (Kent Steedman, Celibate Rifles)

The Heavy Metal Kids, London 1990s, (Daryl Smith, Cock Sparrer, Argy Bargy)

Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Babes in Toyland, Reading 1991, (Lori Barbero, Babes in Toyland)

The Mummies/Thee Headcoats, Calgary 1990s, (Brendan Canty, Fugazi, Rites of Spring, The Messethetics)

Ramones/Asexuals, Montreal 1991, (Sean Friesen, Asexuals)

‘The Recital’, West Sussex 1991, (Mike Dines, author)

Nirvana/Mudhoney/Pavement/L7/Teenage Fanclub/Beastie Boys, Reading 1992, (Gaye Black, The Adverts)

Inside Out, Dublin 1992, (Lynda Mandolyn, Inside Out)

Black 47, Hoboken 1993, (Larry Kirwan, Black 47)

Hard-ons, Latina 1993, (Raymond Ahn, Hard-ons)

Cock Sparrer, Leoncavallo 1994, (Enrico, Los Fastidios)

Alejandro Escovedo, Toronto 1990s, (Yvonne Matsell, promoter, Toronto)

All/China Drum, London 1994, (Scott McLauchlan, Brassneck Records)

Shane MacGowan and the Popes, PinkPop 1995, (John Myers, Shane MacGowan And The Popes)

Ramones, London 1995, (Stuart Diggle, Litterbug)

Various, 1990s+ Myrtleville, Cork, (Emmet Greene, promoter, Cork)

The Headstones, Toronto 1990s, (Yvonne Matsell, promoter, Toronto)

Tadanoshin, New York 1998, (TADA aka Tadanoshin)

Weakerthans, London 2000, (Andy Higgins, Just Say No To Government Music)

The Ataris/Fabulous Disaster/Douglas, Newport 2001, (Lynda Mandolyn, Inside Out)

Fun-Da-Mental, Novi Sad 2002, (Dave Watts/Fun-Da-Mental)

New Model Army, US 2000s, (Stephen Judge, Schoolkids Records)

Sleater Kinney, New York, (Michael Stewart Foley, author, activist)

Suzy & Los Quattro, Japan 2005, (BB Quattro, Suzy & Los Quattro, TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers)

Rebellion Festival, Morecambe 2005, (Mike McGrann, CH3)

This Band Is A Bike Bomb and others, Wicklow 2006, (Sam McGrath, author, co-founder of the Come Here To Me! history blog and occasional DJ)

The Boys, Tokyo 2009, (Duncan Reid, The Boys, Duncan Reid and the Big Heads)

‘The Party’, New York 2010, (Kenny Margolis, The Minks (Mink DeVille), Lucky Seven, Cracker)

Last Supper, London 2011, (The Shend, The Cravats, The Very Things)

Public Image Limited, Dublin 2011, (Roisin Dwyer, writer)

Pharoah Overlord, Supersonic 2011, (Cormac MacDiarmada, Lankum)

Henry Cluney, Blackpool 2012, (Henry Cluney, SLF, X-SLF)

Steve Ignorant, Norfolk 2012, (Steve Ignorant, CRASS)

Vice Squad, Altavoz Festival, Colombia 2012, (Beki Bondage, Vice Squad)

Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Show, Pomoa 2012, (Vique Simba, Revelation Records, Simba fanzine)

The Damned/Sham 69/999/UK Subs/Splodgenessabounds/The Avengers/Chelsea/The Vibrators/TV Smith/Hazel O’Connor, London 2012, (Bev Elliott, writer, Sounds, Noise)

Bob Mould, London 2012, Out of Spite festivals, Podstock 2015, (Steve Pod, Vanilla Pod, Menshevik)

The Godfathers, Paris 2014, (Grant Nicholas, The Godfathers, The Citizens of Nowhere)

Concert Log, 2012, (Larry Boothroyd, Victims Family, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine)

Rabies Babies, La Valette 2014, (Lorna Tiefholz, Rabies Babies)

The Mockers, Catalunya 2015, (Seth Gordon, The Mockers)

Wreckless Eric, Toronto 2015, (Eric Goulden, Wreckless Eric)

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Sydney 2016, (Kent Steedman, The Celibate Rifles)

Cyanide Pills, Wermelkerchen 2016, (Paul North, tour manager to the stars)

Angelic Upstarts, Café Bar Mokka, Thun 2016, (Neil ‘Newts’ Newton, Angelic Upstarts)

The Pukes, London 2016, (Debs and Clara Puke)

Nick Cave, Los Angeles 2018, (Ricky Warwick, The Almighty, New Model Army, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders)

The Rising Sun, Rebellion, Blackpool 2018, (Segs, The Ruts, Ruts DC)

Sleaford Mods, Dublin 2019, (Molly, Vulpynes)

Sebadoh, New York 2019, (Catonia Whalen, DJ Catskills)

The Psychedelic Furs, Newcastle 2019, (Paul Harvey, Penetration)

The Menstrual Cramps, Bristol 2020, (Emily and AJ, The Menstrual Cramps)

Playing on Enemy Territory, (Mark Andersen, Positive Force)

Ten Commandments Of Gig, (Cathal Coughlan, Microdisney, Fatima Mansions)

DIY scenes 2020, (Jonathan and Kirsty, Party Dozen)











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