Book of the Week: Crass Reflections

Crass Reflections Alastair Gordon Active Distribution Chances are if you’re reading this blog then you will appreciate Crass. Chances are if you appreciate Crass you will want to read a book that gives some mention the band, especially if it’s published by anarchist imprint Active Distribution and written by a fan. Alaistar Gordon is a … Continue reading Book of the Week: Crass Reflections

This weeks gigs – Nov 19 – 25

Another busy week in the Capital this week. If you were quick off the mark you may have already picked up a ticket for Shame and Fontaines DC but those of us slow, or not in the know will have to make do with the punk rock of Foreign Legion in the Thomas House or … Continue reading This weeks gigs – Nov 19 – 25

Thursday Tunes – Cadaver Club

BuddyFest returns for 2 days this year in Drop Dead Twice on Dec 8th & 9th with an estimated 16 bands on, covering a whole spectrum of punk, hardcore and downright strange. AS part of a series featuring bands playing the festial we have asked some to list their 5 songs. Up first are Sunday … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Cadaver Club

Book of the Week: Last of the High Kings

Last of the high Kings Feed is MacAnna New Island Books Originally published in 1991 Ferdia MacAnnas novel is a story of an Irish family living in Howth in 1977. Punk rock, Christian brothers, an irrational distrust of Britain and local politics all get raised here. It’s a functionally disfunctional family with kids growing up. … Continue reading Book of the Week: Last of the High Kings

This Weeks gigs: Nov 12 – 18

This weeks gigs in Dublin EMANCIPATOR ENSEMBLE – Button Factory, Nov 13 Bene and Cormac – Whelan Upstairs, Nov 13 Foja – Whelans, Nov 13 Greg Fox Quadrinity, Jessica Moss – Workmans Club, Nov 13 Slaves, amyl and the sniffers, ladybird – academy, nov 13 Vinci – Whelans, Nov 14 Moscow Death Brigade, Drastics, Pozoga … Continue reading This Weeks gigs: Nov 12 – 18

Thursday tunes – Implement

Leeds hardcore rippers Implement pick this weeks Thursday tunes in advance of their gig in the Hut this Saturday with Disguise, Fiend, Flashpoint & Bloodculture Vashti Bunyan - Coldest Night of the Year John Grant - Diet Gum Tomb Mold - Abysswalker Yung Lean - Silicon Wings Sacrilege - Lifeline Implement … Continue reading Thursday tunes – Implement

Book of the Week: Hara Hotel

Hara hotel A tale of Syrian refugees in Greece Teresa thornhill Verso books In what really is a tragic indie t if how we have not come as a civilization here is another book of harrowing stories from refugee camp. Teresa thornhill was moved by pictures she saw of human suffering. Moved so much that … Continue reading Book of the Week: Hara Hotel

This weeks Gigs: Nov 5 – 11

For me this week is all about Anti-Flag playing in Whelans. Chris 2 provided our Thursday tunes last week and didn't include Cancer Bats or Worriers who are playing with the band on Tuesday. DIY punk still gets an airing with Mikey Erg and the Slow Death in Drop Dead twice on Wednesday and then … Continue reading This weeks Gigs: Nov 5 – 11

Thursday Tunes : Anti Flag

Thursday Tunes : Chris 2 from Anti Flag Hailing from Pittsburgh, US Punk band Anti-Flag have long been advocates for human rights so no doubt they will have something to say about the recent pittsburgh synagogue shooting at their gig in Whelans next Tuesday. They may even give their feelings on the upcoming US mid-term … Continue reading Thursday Tunes : Anti Flag

Dublin Feminist Film Festival 2018

The theme for #DFFF2018 is REFRAME/REFOCUS. Rather than foreground particular topics, our programme this year will feature films not only directed by women, but also shot by female cinematographers. In emphasising the role of the cinematographer, we aim to expand the notion of who 'makes' a film and what 'Films by Women' means, while also … Continue reading Dublin Feminist Film Festival 2018