Book of the Week – Dublin the chaos years

Dublin - The Chaos Years Neil Cotter Penguin Books For many sports fans worldwide Croke Park means very little. For every sport fan in ireland it is the complete opposite. Regardless whether football, hurling or camogie is your thing or not if you’re Irish and interested in sport you know how much an all ireland … Continue reading Book of the Week – Dublin the chaos years

This Weeks Gigs: Jan 14 – 21

It's a slow enough week this week with Whelans showcasing lots of up and coming bands with their ones to watch festival. After a slow start though Saturday night sees two stormers. Anti-Fascist gigs are always good to see so Cable Street Beat Dublin presenting a night of raucous Oi proudly proclaiming to be Anti-Fascist … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs: Jan 14 – 21

Book of the Week – The Club by Christy O’Connor

The club Christy OConnor Penguin books There’s a small select few that will read this book and recognize their actions being written about. The people who miss weddings because the team they manage have an “important” game on the same day. The team whose players may not even turn up on the day but the … Continue reading Book of the Week – The Club by Christy O’Connor

This Weeks Gigs – Jan 8 – 13

It's a bit slow this week as people return to the normality of daily life post Christmas. Bowie Festival and First Fortnight are have daily events to keep us going though. The remarkable Dando Sessions are back on Friday with Inflatable Dolls, Reverand Mongo joans and the coathanger solution, Drastics, Sugarplum Suicide which should keep … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – Jan 8 – 13

First Fortnight

First Fortnight is an Irish charity that challenges mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action. As each New Year dawns it hosts an annual festival over those first two weeks. This year it has expanded into other territories but that may just be a transient thing Some of their aims are to Make the … Continue reading First Fortnight

This weekends gigs: Jan 4 – 7

This weekends gigs in Dublin Jan 4 - 7 Vibe for Phillo - Whelans, jan 4 Kaleidoscope - Bello Bar, Jan 4 Post vibe for Philo - Whelans, Jan 5 Reggae for Housing in aid of Fr Peter McVerry Trust - Grand Social, Jan 5 Womens Christmas with KATIE KIM / MARIA KELLY / DOWRY … Continue reading This weekends gigs: Jan 4 – 7

Thursday Tunes: Control

First punk rock gig of the year is on Saturday in the Thomas House where Control play with Hooligan. This gig is rescheduled from December 1 - Johnny Cash - Hurt 2 - The Clash - Complete Control 3 - Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullaby 4 - Dead Kennedys - California Uber … Continue reading Thursday Tunes: Control

Play of the Day Medictation

So the new year reminds us of people past and present. One musical genius I often think about is Dickie Hammond, known for so many musical endeavours. The last songs he recorded were as part of Medictation. Gushing guitars and gruff vocals. Perfect for such a melancholic time. It came out in July 2016 but … Continue reading Play of the Day Medictation

Book of the Week – Extreme Cities

Extreme cities Ashley Dawson Verso books 50% of the worlds population lives 25 miles or less from sea water. That is expected to increase to 75% in a small number of years. I’m telling you we’re doomed. Well Dawson isn’t quite saying that but you know. Climate change? Devastation. Maybe if you start running now?? … Continue reading Book of the Week – Extreme Cities

2018 A year of books

Books 2018 Wow, I can't believe I've done it. I set myself a challenge a couple of years ago of trying to get through 1 book a week and after passing the 1 dozen mark the first year I was beginning to think it was all a bit too much of an ask. Life is … Continue reading 2018 A year of books