ICTU Women’s Seminar 2015

ICTU Women's Committee hold a seminar and conference on alternate ears. As last years conference was in Wexford it was the turn of the NI members to host this years Seminar. It was two days, not of motions but of workshops and keynote addresses, an attempt to empower, inform and entertain delegates. As with previous … Continue reading ICTU Women’s Seminar 2015

Hope Show 28 – the lowdown

http://radioactiveinternational.org/hope-show-28/ 1. Deathfix - Playboy 2. Wugazi - Killa Hill 3. Sage Francis - Jah Didn't Kill Johnny 4. A Death In The Family - SOmethings Out of Tune 5. Pilger - Disatisfied 6. Against ME - Slurring the Rhythms 7. Shorebirds - Upside Down 8. Bedford Fall - Whos Coat is that Jacket? 9. … Continue reading Hope Show 28 – the lowdown