Hope Show 39 – The Lowdown

I got a New Model Army magazine during the week courtesy of the wild hearted outsider. No bigger fan of that band have i yet to meet. They have a new album coming out oon and will be playing in
Ireland in December. Listening to No Rest makes me look forward to
both of these things even more

I played Atom and His Package a few weeks ago and have been asked
for another song, so here goes. Atoms package is his drum machine
I played 2 songs from Superchunks album last week. Its such a
good album, it deserved another song this week

Fugazi, I keep playing but that’s co I can’t get enough of them
Deathfix feature Brendan Canty from Fugazi. I see they are doing
a UK tour soon, should be interesting. I remember the first time
Fugazi were doing a tour of the UK, phone calls galore were made
suggesting the band travel to Dublin. They agreed to do this and
McGonagles was never the same. Miriam suggested to me earlier
that deathfix sound like Genesis or Pink Floyd, I wouldn’t know –
do they?

Subhumans certainly don’t sound prog rock and I wouldn’t want you
to think I was going soft after attending a sparse protest against
austerity today.

Not a chance, so I’ve taken out Dublin’s homocore crew, Knifed,
followed by Subhumans alter ska ego, Citizen Fish

There’s a cool label in Blackpool called Just Say No To Government
Music, Higgins runs the lable so he’re his take on California Uber
Alles, with a war tinge

One person who would have sympathies with todays protest is
definitely Joe Strummer. I’m playing this in Phil Chevrons
remembrance. Two really nice people singing about things close to
their heart and never thinking they were above you and me.

Notable absentees from todays protest were most of Dublins
musicians but it was good to see Tempermental Miss Elayneous
flying the flag for some sort of protest movement. Hopefully that
flag will continue flying in our communities for years to come.

I was at a great performance during the week by Dan LE Sac vs Scroobius Pip. They did Magician’s Assistant and the power coming from stage was equal to any noise Neurosis could bellow out. Intense and amazing.

Crumb up next. I love this band, I wish they were still around. 5 years on I find it hard to listen to them. I really wish they were still together.

I was reminded on McCarthy during the week by reading tweets from Comedy playwright (is that his proper title) Graham Linehan. My first foray into radio shows was in Capital Radio when I used to give Tony Gahan some records to play on his 20th centruy Promised Lnd show. When Tony decided enough was enough there was a vacancy at the station, filled for two weeks by myself and the aforementioned wild hearted outised but then this Hot Press journalist stepped in. Graham Linehan and his love of McCarthy!!

If I didn’t play SE Rogie on my two week stint, I should have. I menat to but I think we wwent for Dead Kennedys instead. What were we thinking?

What do you mean you haven’t got the Glimmermen album yet. It’s free to download. Try it

I love the attitude of this bike is a pipe bomb, Most plan-it-x stuff actually. Front Seat Solidarity is a refreshing album which trains and cops is taken from.

Against Me go down as one of the best bands I’ve seen live. I’d say top three of gigs I haven’t been involved in. We could have taken over the world that night. What happened??


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