hope show 40 the lowdown

1. Minor Threat – Out of Step
2. Lawrence Arms – Kevin Costner’s Casino
3. Naked Raygun – Home
4. The Bomb – The Rescue
5. Flies on You – Josephine
6. The Fall – Noise
7. The Membranes – Tatty Seaside Town
8. New Model Army – Lean back and fall
9. New Model Army – Knievel
10. Hooligan – Bandit Country
11. Jon Langford – Nashville Radio
12. Torche – In Pieces
13. Office of Future Plans – Lorelei
14. Geoffrey Oicott – Bar On the Terraces
15. Off With Their Heads – Shirts
16. Chuck Ragan – Symmetry
17. Good Luck – Pajammin
18. The Pogues – Thousands Are Sailing


I was in London this week at a conference . Thankfully I managed to get to Camden before All Ages Records closed for the night. Whilst in Camden I visited Cookies and Scream and another amazing new vegan cafe Cakes n treats. Cookies and cream have a great t-shirt based on Minor threats Out Of Step lp cover. Ironic with all the fuss about Urban Outfitters and all that at the moment. Minor Threat becomes a major treat with some great vegan goodies. I’m playing this song in honour of Camden and all its great eateries.

In the interest of balance I’m playing a Lawrence Arms song about drinking and Kevin Costner and Chicago.

As Chicago gets a mention I’ve gone for naked Raygun and Home. Naked Raygun were great favourites on the turntable in Donnier when I was growng up. the Bomb are a more recent incarnation but still carrying that booming sound as the rescue shows

I’ve moved closer and less punk as I’m wearing my flies on you t-shirt doing this show(it’s all about the balance). I love flies on you sound and they’ve done a really neat thing – their new record is a 10 different versions of josephine to accompany their new videos. It’s all in the mix.

Mixing it all up we are delving into the pop mix of the Fall . Blasting out these tunes since before I started buying records it is heartening to know the fall still exist. So many releases, such a legacy.

The membranes have their own legacy too, one which will be well remembered. John Robb had to write his own book Death To Trad Rock to celebrate the era they championed. Get it and enjoy the journey.

I used to really enjoy New Model Army gigs. Family affairs, much like the membranes. They were a harder family to be part of, but no less loyal. Unbelievably they have a new album out now, 30 years on. These are from that record.

Hooligan are from Dublin and I’m pretty sure Dave from that band was at New Model Army’s gig in the TV Club back in the mid 80’s. If he wasn’t he would have been in heart.

It’s a night for the experienced musicians tonight. That experience continues with Jon Langford in his more recent guise as a solo musician. Jon was in the mekons and three johns (or maybe that should be he still is, never know when a good gig will come your way). Jon moved to Chicago many moons ago and has continued with his country tinged sound of the mekons but with punk attitude.

Torche were over here in August and played an interesting gig. I played them a bit around that time and have ignore them since. To my peril.

I picked up the Office OF Future Plans lp in All Ages this week. I have been meaning to get it for a while now but postage has been my enemy in recent years. It costs quite a bit to receive something fromt he States, to the detriment of my record collection. I wish I hadn’t waited so long, it’s a great album.

A great punk rocking collectio is Geoffrey Oicotts latest record. Bar On the Terraces is more in line with thye Lawrence Arms of earlier rather than the straight edge inklings that I have, doesn’t spoil the tune though

Off With Their Heads have great tunes and deep down I love those tunes. Chuck Ragans acoustic shoutings alwyas make me think about good times and allow for reflective thinking. This week was a collection of days spent reflecting. Starting off with Phil Chevrons farewell to the world, then with my time away from family in a different country during a budget that takes more the people of the country. It made me think of what I deem important, what is really important and what I love. Try it some time, it can be refreshing

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