Cigarette Crossfire
Cigarette Crossfire
Waterslide Records


Finland believe it or not has a great reputation for melodic hardcore. Manifesto Jukebox were my introduction to this countries capacity for playing such tunes and it has continued since with
Combat Rock Industry being the home to many Finish outfits. This is their second album and first for Waterslide Records. It hasn’t been a stable line up in that time and many bands would have decided to fold under the pressure. Founder member and drummer of the band, Hennka, passed away tragically last year, soon after this records release. Santtu has now taken the sticks and plays them in Hennka’s honour at each gig. Incredibly brave for them to continue after such a tragic accident (Hennka joined those we miss daily after a skateboarding accident).

It is Hot Water Music, Leatherface and Manifesto Jukebox but that is too simple. It is hard and heavy, we can scream along at times, we have tunes and plenty of anthems to raise our fists to.


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