And so with one year passing and the initiation of a new one many blog writers are inspired or feel impelled to compile lists and look forward to the centenary celebrations of 1916

I prefer to look to the future while remembering the past and with that in mind don’t feel any necessity to remind you what you missed or experienced.

However for 2016 we need to redouble our efforts in creating the sort of society we wish to live in. We also have a chance to continue to use our spending power as one method of persuasion. Of course after Christmas excess where, as a nation we spend one month preparing for one day with rampant fervour and commercialism may seem the wrong time to talk about using our power. However if, whilst you were out shopping for presents, you felt happy to see a specific shop still in existence then continue to support that shop. If you came across somewhere you felt uncomfortable with supporting then try not to support it. This may mean you need to spend a little more money but if you can then try and do it. Maybe you saw an organisation you deemed worthwhile, try spend some time with that. Instead of Amazon or eBay maybe there’s an indie label or bookstore that could do with the business, or one that negotiates with unions.

Let’s keep trying to make a difference.


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