Cannibales and Vahines
Songs For a Free Body
Freddy Morezon Productions

All We Want
is that which makes
us less than free
should stop

Since leaving the Ex as its lead singer and troubador GW Sok has been as busy as ever. His artisitic output continues to grow as he collaborates with many around Europe.

This time it is with French artists Cannibales & Vahines. We get the trademark GW vocals, spat and spoken with a jazz improv background. The words are always meaningful and we start with Whatever, one of GW’s more downbeat opines. Almost like the lost activist or using the term we have all resorted to when dealing with what we perceive as ignorance…Whatever!!!

The lyrics generally are more downbeat than previous observations, more of an introspective nature. It reminds me of the thoughts that go through my head as I’m jogging along, solitary with the pavement, wondering why things are so bleak.

Musically the saxophone is prevalent amongst guitar bass and drums. Very much an improvised feel with a solid beat always prevalent. GW sings with his monotone drawl whilst the drum and bass travel solidly along. We then get the rhythm of the guitar vying with sax in a battle to join in, looking to participate, wanting to be on the drum and bass team. Many of the tracks are like those long walks you go on in a strange city (well some of you), where you aren’t sure where you are heading and get to the next corner to see what surprise awaits you.

It all finishes poignantly with a Free Body as GW simply reflects that all we ask for is that what makes us less free should stop


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