Nov 5 1992 Pecadilloes, Wormhole Fleet
Nov 8 1992 Surf Weasel, Blue Babies Mulligans
Nov 12 1992 Surf Weasel, Unease Fleet
Dec 13 1992 Shanks, Treehouse Fleet
Jan 14 1993 Luggage, Wormhole – Fleet
Jan 21 1993 Manson’s Garden, Grin – Fleet
Jan 28 1993 Lice Woman, Golden Mile – Fleet

A city centre bar, The Fleet, was starting to put on gigs so Leagues booked 4 nights there. Up to now ‘Hope’ hadn’t concentrated on putting on Dublin bands unless it was for a benefit but these Fleet gigs were a departure from that. It was a nice little venue but it didn’t last into the New Year. Each floor had a different function room and the owners didn’t appreciate the noise levels from live music. English band Surf Weasel looked to come over and played there. The Fleet and sister venues like The Attic, The Grattan and The Fox were ideal for bands starting off. For £30-£40 you got a room with P.A. The only failing was that they were all bars with the
sole purpose of the owner being to sell alcohol. The Fleet (now called Doyle’s) has periodically opened its doors for live music since but usually changes its mind after a short while. Surf Weasel also played Mulligans Bar, which had just opened its doors to gigs. This was the latest venue that DEKO had found. Its location wasn’t great, in that it was out of the way in a run-down area of Dublin. Ideally that shouldn’t matter for a venue but, unfortunately, for many people it did. Mulligans also doubled up as a rehearsal room and studio, which DEKO co-ordinated. Many bands recorded there and released tapes on Deko’s label FOAD. 1992 ended with 33 ‘Hope’ paying Dublin gigs. We helped co-ordinate Irish tours for bands with the involvement of people in New Ross, Cork, Larne, Belfast, Derry, Arklow, Trinity College, Bolton Street College, and Our Price Records. Oh and a record was released as well.

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