Oct 19 1991 Slum Turkeys, In Motion – Charlie’s (Muff Dive couldn’t make it)
Oct 22 1991 Slum Turkeys Trinity College
Oct 24 1991 Slum Turkeys, Mexican Pets Barnstormers


Paul Morley sang in Slum Turkeys and also put on gigs in his hometown, Manchester. When John Robb told him about Ireland he was straight on the phone to me. We are  still friends to this day and now share tales of parenting rather than punk rock. For this trip though, Paul left his child for a few days to come over to Ireland and  play. Struck by his enthusiasm I tried to get Slum Turkeys as many gigs as possible. I really like their music and felt that if they were from the US they would have received a lot more recognition. Slum Turkeys along with compatriots Nerve Rack and Crane were marvelous bands but completely underrated.

We managed to get gigs in Cork, Belfast, Derry and Arklow sandwiched in between two Dublin gigs and a lunchtime jaunt in Trinity College. The band loved being busy and wanted to just play and play. After the tour I was struck by how appreciative the band were. A lot of bands didn’t express how they felt about being over in Ireland. Slum Turkeys were completely different. They appreciated that someone put the effort in to get them to come and play. That attitude was reciprocated, as I was more than happy to do anything (within reason) for the band. Some people in bands may find it hard to articulate their feelings. I appreciate that.

I have always appreciated Slum Turkeys keeping in touch since those gigs and still being happy to get to Ireland.

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