Apr 16 1991

The Keatons, Tension, I Am The Waltons


One month after the Herb Garden disaster came the KEATONS fiasco. 20 people came to Charlie’s to see them with 2 other bands. The Keaton’s managed to play in Cork,  th the help of Emmet, and in a new club in Dublin called the Anarchy  Night Café, which at the time was based in Fibber Magees, Parnell Street. However given the circumstances of the Charlie’s gig it just seems so irrelevant.

My only memories of The Keatons are of my Nan dying some days before the gig. It had a devastating effect on me and even now I look back with huge fondness on the women who plied me with chips from a very young age. She was great and I loved her. I never told her that to her face.

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