Thursday Tunes : Chris 2 from Anti Flag

Hailing from Pittsburgh, US Punk band Anti-Flag have long been advocates for human rights so no doubt they will have something to say about the recent pittsburgh synagogue shooting at their gig in Whelans next Tuesday. They may even give their feelings on the upcoming US mid-term elections as hate and division seems to be language of the day. Also playing are Canadian Punks Cancer bats and Worriers from Brooklyn, who have already brought their pop punk sounds to Whelans this year when they played with PUP. For now, Chris 2, bassist from Anti-Flag has shared 5 songs with us for thodays Thursday Tunes

Homeless Gospel Choir – Normal

Spanish Love Songs – Bellyache

HIRS collective – assigned cop at birth

Dollar Signs – Punk On The Weekend

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club – Saint Saul

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