Hope Show 126 now online

  1. Anti-Flag – Die for the Government
  2. The Defects – Son Of Coruption
  3. Elvis Costello – Olivers Army
  4. Booji Boys – Stevie Cool
  5. Petrol Girls – Rewild
  6. Basement Benders – Shrapnel
  7. Shrapnel – Let there Be narchy
  8. Bangers – Stressful FEstival
  9. MArk Lanegan – Torn Red Heart
  10. Membranes – Do The Supernova
  11. Destriers – Cynosure
  12. Bis – Control the Radical
  13. Chastity Belt – Lydia
  14. Choto Ghetto Like Old TImes
  15. leatherface – Hope
  16. black bank folk – Sons of Roísín

We kick off tonight with anti-flag and their die for the government on acoustic. Bombs, surface to air missiles, general elections s the world burns so this is an a[t start.

the defects have been in my ears for many years now. Their 2015 45 minutes album wsa no let down from their energetic blitz filled music.

One of the first anti-war songs i ever paid attention to was Elvis Costello’s Olivers Army “and i would rather be anywhere else than here today”

Booji Boys may seem like the vocals have been lost in the mix as you feel like you need to slight;ly tune the station to get better reception. it’s he sound of the garage and it’s great

I’m very excited by Petrol Girls upcoming gig in Whelans. I’ve seen them a couple of times at Rebellion and have been nothing but impressed, the more intimate setting of upstairs in Whelans should be a more natural home for the band

Dead Broke Recods is one a few labels constantly putting out good records, along with Boss Tuneage and Drunken Sailor, bands that have tunes and just want you to hear them – Basement Benders are on Dead Broke and Shrapnel is the song INplayed

I played that so I could link in with the band Shrapnel from Wales who played Ireland a couple of times in the 80’s. They appeared on the Burning Britain compilation and I remember runinnig around venues like the CIE Hall and the Youth Expression Centre singing out “Let There Be Anarchy”

Bangers sing that they are “so tired of trying to be someone else” – haven’t we all had that feeling. More sing along punk rock

Mark Lanegan played DUblin before Christmas in a sold out gig with the Membranes so I’m playing a track from each band. The Membranes have a new lease of life singing about the universe as the battle to kill trad rock continues

Irish band Destriers keep playing gig after gig. They are working hard bringing their noise to the masses

Bis brought their refreshing tunes to Dublin in the mid 90’s and brought out an album a few years back They still play the odd gig and the world is a better place with them in it

Sub Pop have been involved in bringin out great records for over 30 years. They have teamed up with Hardly Art and have got a few great artists in, one being Chastity Belt.

Chotto Ghetto are on Jeff Rosenstocks Quote/Unquote records. Tehe LA band have a new album out now

Leatherface are just a classic band – so many songs could be played by them but went with Hope

I finished off the show with Black Bank Folks, sons of Roísín, with election fever about to kick in over here it is worth asking what kind of country we are looking for

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