First two in a series of Hope zines. The first was around the theme of What does Punk rock mean to you? The same question was asked of people – from bands like Chumbawamba, The Membranes and Hard Skin – from fanzines like Riot 77, One Way Ticket to Cubesville and Loserdom and to singers, gig goers and activists.
The second is of the theme “What is your favourite gig”. The same question was asked of people – from bands like Hagar The Womb, Radiators form Space, Gang of Four, Paranoid Visions – from fanzines like Positive Creed and Suspect Device on to journalists, activists and photographers


Why not treat yourself to some wise words from all the best people in the punk scene in Hope issue 1 and 2

Bundle Includes

Hope Fanzine *1
What does punk rock mean to you

Contributions from John Robb, Sean Forbes, Steve Pod, Karren Ablaze, Doug Aikman, Andy Watkins, Andy Higgins, Boff Whalley, Carol Hodge, Ajay Sagaar, Tony Suspect, Richard Cubesville, Neil Crud, Anto Loserdom, Cian Riot 77, Steve scanner, Ian Glasper, Conor Dervan, Steve Furlong, Steve Malley, Rich Levene, Michael McCaugha, Peter Jones, Michael Murphy, Joe Solo, Donal Greene, Derek Mouthpiece, Simon Wells, Paul Timoney

Hope Fanzine *2
My favourite gig

Contributions from Hagar The Womb, Articles Of Faith, The Van Pelt, Mexican Pets, Jam Jar Jail, Cupid Car Club, The Blitz, Epic problem, Cowboy Killers, Bad Sam, Hard Skin, Victims Family, Guantanamo School of Medicine, Inside Out, Vanilla Pod, Menshevik, The Cravats, Retisonic, Swiz, Bluetip, Sweetbelly Freakdown, Red Hare, the fflaps, Sink, Dealing With Damage, Young Offenders, radiators, Trouble Pilgrims, Shudder To Think, HDQ, DIAZ Brothers, Goldblade, A Witness, Membranes, Youth of today, no for an answer, done dying, speak 411, Soulside, Attilla the stockbroker, the outcasts, FUAL, the ramonas, Paranoid Visions, SLF, xSLF, Blocko, Ruin You!, Spines, Southport, Bear Trade, Misfortune Cookie, Sissy, M(h)aol, The Chefs, Gang of Four, Rollins Band, The Winter Passing, Checkpoint, Vice Squad, Erase Today, Hard Left, Slumberland Records, Specialist Subject Records, Make That A take, Drunken Sailor Records, Brassneck Records, Positive Creed Fanzine, Gadgie Fanzine, Suspect Device Fanzine, Suburban Voice Fanzine, scanner fanzine, zonked fanzine, Mass Movement zine, Rice and Bread magazine, hagl fanzine, Bald Cactus zine, Fear and loathing zine, Mark Andersen, Michael Stewart Foley, Molly B Burnham, Russ Bestley, Will McGuirk, Phil O Connor, Brian O’Kelly, Vique Simba, Freddy Alva, Colm O Callaghan, Glenn E friedman, Rich Jacobs, Scott Crawford, Ricky Adam, Shawn Scallen, Reg Gordon

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