7PsychosSeven Psychopaths

In Bruges was a much better film for me the second time I saw it. Initially it felt like it was an OTT Irish tale of killing, vulgarity and misoginy. I lightened up for the second viewing and found myself smiling along with the helplessness of the characters.

7 Psychopaths is almost like a sequel with different characters but still helpless and likeable in some ways, ridiculous and mean in so many others. This is my review after one viewing.

It is the tale of Colin Farrell as an Irish screen writer with a drink problem (imagine that eh?). He is bereft of ideas but his close friend starts giving suggestions. Of course unbeknownest to Farrell he is getting an insight to his close friends life which is all about mutilation. It is tarantino like in its execution and executions. Blood is splattering everywhere as the story evolves and Farrell isn’t happy with this. Farrell wants peace love and understanding but the world isn’t quite ready for this type of movie.

There is an impressive cast of psychopath including Christopher Walken as a polish Quaker pacifist, Tom Waits as a serial killer of serial killers and most impressively of all, Woody Harrelson as the gangster killer who comes looking for his kidnapped dog. With Farrell and Walken pushing Gandhis policy of an eye for eye leaving everyone blind Sam Rockwell leaves us all amused saying that will leave one person winning out. he is delighted with this prospect as his two felllow travellers look on totally bemused. It is that kind of film, very entertaining.


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