the evens – the odds (dischord records)

before I start I have to admit to a vested interest here. The last gig I was involved in putting on (which total over 200) was the evens when they visited dublin in 2005. I have never said that I’ve stopped doing gigs, Im just taking a
break…. I haven’t given listening to music a break and whilst its harder and harder for a parent of three to keep up to date with new sounds (finance to buy, access to a computer to seek out as well as time not spent taxi-ing kids around to listen are my excuses – what are yours?) I am always happy when old friends release new music.

the odds is a continuation from where the evens left 6 years ago with the second album Get Evens. Since then a child has been born for the two-piece and they have had plenty of time domestically to hone their sound and write songs. The sound is baritone guitar (which as far as i can make out is a lower tuned guitar) strummed with a mixture of chord progression in a folk sense and string strumming in a punk rock mode and jazz fusion drumming (have I made it sound interesting enough)? It’s bare bones electric guitar and drums coupled with male and female vocals that are mixed evenly.

The songs are all well written collections and are tales of the world around us, when Ian sings “What if every single person was a deputy…jails in search of prisoners” in wanted criminals or amy communicating “We got to sort out how to share this place” in king of kings right up to both off them detailing “and the architects lie awake trying to forget all their mistakes” in architects sleep” we remember that another world is possible and the evens want in.

Listen there is history here, I don’t need to rewrite this but this is the present and you should treat yourself.


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