Bon voyage


It’s been a strange wee while. First I heard about the hospitalisation of one of my peers and then of the death of another one. Neither of whom I know personally very well but their music has been in my life over the past 20-30 years. It’s a long time and a lot of music.

I have been wandering aimlessly for a couple of days trying to make sense of it all. Of course no sense can be made of it, both just seem so young to suffer. Which of course is a ridiculous western perception. Whilst wandering I thought of my community, people I know to varying degrees and some of them are really hurt. I feel their hurt but don’t have their tears.

Sport seems like a perfect soundtrack to it. Sounding nothing like the people I’m thinking about but there’s a kinship in here. DIY or independent and happy to call themselves punk rock. Sport’s personal classification is indie punk, some may say emo, others may scream screamo. It’s a sound based on nice guitar riffs immaculately played that mainly break into a screaming vocal match and piercing drums that you can imagine being hit with all the force of a heart attack on your body. Hard and fast at times. The music flows from breakneck to peaceful within the beat of a cymbal

But a screaming plea is never far away. Just like me at the moment. A plea for what I’m not sure. Maybe for you to take care


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